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Design as relationship

We don’t like design in itself. We like the design that stimulates reflections, exchanges, ideas. We like the design of relationships.

The Apartment in Via Brera, which we opened during the Milano Design Week, was specifically built up to create a movement of people and creativity. Now companies must go beyond just selling products and creating, instead, sociability, knowledge and culture.

A sample of what happens when a company becomes a container and let other players taking the scene is the evening of the theatrical performance “La rivoluzione è questione di stile” (The revolution is a matter of style) that took place right in our Appartamento during the Milano Design Week.

Protagonist of the play the ultimate female accessory: the bag. Not a simple bag. It’s the bag invented by Ilariamai, a young fashion designers of the Domus Academy.

The capsule collection “Comme l’oiseau” is based on a concept which is very close to our brand as well: the ability of a product to be constantly transformed. Each bag handle structure indeed can fit in several sacks, thus giving the chance to have always different styles, simply changing one of the parts. The main idea of the collection is creating a bag which could be also many bags, in order to offer a dynamic and convenient product.

Such a innovative project was obviously supposed to be launched in a non-conventional way, thanks to a great performance, staged in our Appartamento. Eugenio Vaccaro, the actor, makes a parody of freaky young people trying to get in touch with the sparkling world of fashion and design, a world out of reach. The bag becomes a pretext for a more serious reflection: do our ideals clash with the bets of the modern world, what would we do to succeed?

So, put together an exceptional stage (Appartamento LAGO), a fashion designer and a young actor. What comes out it’s something better than a telesales. It’s design, creativity, culture, relationship, fun, energy…it’s founding yourselfs on the Air sofas looking at this crazy guy with blonde wig and toy-gun screaming against Plastic (one of Milan’s coolest locals) and Alexander McQueen!