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Mario Brunello in concerto @ LagoFabbrica

Only one day to go until the Mario Brunello concert. Have you made your reservation? Act soon because seating is limited. All you need to do is register on the website Festival delle Città Impresa and sign up for the event.

Mario Brunello

If are feeling lost by the wayside, let me explain what I am talking about…

As you know, LAGO has contamination with other realities in its DNA. This times we are contaminating ourselves with music and we are doing it in an unusual way: we are hosting “I thought it was Bach”, a musical event for which Mario Brunello will perform a selection of Bach suites for violoncello in a suggestive and unexpected location: the LagoFabbrica. Which is to say in a business space that is normally dedicated to production and that will become an Auditorium for the evening.

It will be stupendous to see the factory emptied of machinery and filled with musical notes. From the production of products to the production of music, of culture.
Betting on the capacity of a business to produce culture is a choice we made some years ago, moved by the desire to have a positive impact on our territory. And we are reaping the good fruits of this decision.

The event tomorrow evening (starting at 8pm) will start off with the technical manager of Ferrari, Roberto Fedeli, who will demonstrate how a motor attains perfection through a highly refined process that begins from its most “human” characteristic, which is to say the sound it produces.

This will be followed with the performance by Mario Brunello, who will be accompanied by the “metropolitan” video commentary of another great of the world of Italian music, Vinicio Capossela.

But for those who have time, the evening will begin before 8pm. At 6pm we will take a tour led by Anna Scalfi Eghenter, who will show us the project she designed for the industrial zone of Villa del Conte and that she created in our Art Waiting Room, where we are scheduled to arrive at 7pm. Here is the invitation…
invitation to the festival delle città impresa

A day of intriguing contaminations, not to be missed!

LagoFabbrica – “LagoFabbrica” derived from a project by Italo Chiucchini, a non-factory that produces insofar as conceived according to the criteria of organic domestic architecture. Here, noble materials not commonly used for industries meet: architectural systems made to the measure of man create harmonious sequences of inclined pitches, wooden beams, bricks and glass, terracotta, steel and aluminum.

Mario Brunello – Born in Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso), studied at the Venice Conservatory with Adriano Vendramelli and Antonio Janigro. In 1986 he won first prize at the International Competition Čajkovskij of Moscow in the category dedicated to the violoncello.

Founder and director of the Italian String Orchestra, he has performed in the most important concert halls worldwide, conducted by the biggest names, including Claudio Abbado, Myung-Whun Chung, Valery Gergiev, Carlo Maria Giulini, Eliahu Inbal, Marek Janowski, Riccardo Muti, Zubin Mehta and Seiji Ozawa.

He plays a Maggini violoncello made in 1600 that belonged to Benedetto Mazzacurati and then later to Franco Rossi, violoncellist of the Quartetto Italiano.

In Castelfranco Veneto, he hometown, he gives concerts, courses and master classes at Capannone Antiruggine, a historical factory where one once worked with iron and has now been transformed into a concert hall.

The new AIR Sofa catalogs have arrived

This morning, a rumor spread throughout the office that the new AIR Sofa catalogs had arrived…and so I dashed to the warehouse in search of the catalogs, but the truck was still unloading them. I had to go back upstairs and wait for the boxes to be brought inside…sigh. After about an hour, I went back to the warehouse, glanced around and there they were! There was already someone there, taking a peek….

I started to leaf through the pages, too. After having worked so hard, written, photographed, commented, organized, re-read (etc., etc.), it was a wonderful thing to hold in my very hands the new LAGO Sofa catalogs. Yes, I had already seen all of the photos and read and corrected the texts, but to see them in real life is a whole other story! And then to feel the paper and smell the perfume…yummm! Tactile experiences always take some time…it is necessary to wait and wait…and the waiting always pays off, in the end.

The product, however, as I was saying, we have already known for some time…we presented it at the 2009 Furniture Salon, but above all we began, for the first time, to publicize it in a different way. For the LAGO sofas, in fact, we created an ad hoc site that served as a content aggregator. A sort of box where we could put everything that was being said in the Internet galaxy about our sofas. Probably also this post, when I have finished writing and publishing it.

Other than the aggregator, we also set up a “sofa blog” where you can read, among other things, everything about the genesis of the new catalog. Here below it tells you that the AIR Sofas won the Good Design Award.

lago sofa blog

It was a big challenge to start talking about the efforts involved in order to communicate a product before the catalog arrived in shops, before the photos came out in the papers and before the .pdf files were available for the visitors to our website. But the Internet offers this particular advantage: it makes our Clients and Retailers participants…first. And we couldn’t not make the most out of the opportunity!

In a market in which communication is ever more savvy, it is necessary to find new ways of involving the public…and at times this is not easy, above all when the giants in the furniture sector have enormous liquidity at their disposal, mega agencies and a PR flock. We, instead, wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to do a lot with a little…it is enough to find the right soil.

In sum, there I am in the warehouse turning pages and looking, turning pages and looking, and the guys tell me that there are five different covers!!! Thanks to WOW (alias Giacomo Covacich and Morris Granzotto, who designed the catalog). What a great idea! Obviously we fished them out by color…I chose the one with the yellow cover. Until next time!

The Lago cyclone re-writes the rules of furniture

On Sunday, 9 January, this potent article was published in the Corriere del Veneto. The journalist, Macri Puricelli, looked to origins, ideas and philosophy for his construction of the Lago profile.

The origins date back to the 1950s, when the grandfather ran an artisan workshop that produced furnishings for Venetian churches. In the following years, the business was run by Daniele’s father and older brother, Franco. The company acquired the status of an srl and counted eighteen employees. Our designer stepped into the business when he was eighteen years old…and so the whirlwind began. Today in fact that artisan workshop is a corporation that counts 170 employees (the average age is 34), a distribution network of 350 stores that carry the brand, 27 Lago shops throughout the world and annual sales that have climbed from 5 million to 30 million in six years.

From the very first lines of the article it is clear how quickly things move here…above all, the ideas. Daniele’s words flow and the journalist accurately conveys the key concepts that constitute the hub around which Lago revolves. Openness, humanity and culture are the values that describe a reality in which in addition to the product there is also an approach that solidifies the concept of participation and sharing in everything that one thinks and does. Macri highlights the fact that even the company dining hall is a place where one practices the values of “conviviality” and exchange. The most recent addition, the Appartamento project, also reflects the will and the goal to contaminate and be contaminated.

This is above all an article in which the journalist not only describes but also transmits the idea of a company reality that, wanting to always remain open to the outside and using art and culture are catalysts, is and will always be in continuous movement.