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Meet Vitantonio, the Italian winner of the first Lago contest

The second LAGO contest is open until 18 February. Participate at http://contest.lago.it: sign up and you could be an instant winner of an object from the Filodolce collection or a gift card, and you will be entered in the final draw for a trip to one of the great European capitals of design.

While waiting to find out who will be the winner of the trip, we went to interview Vitantonio of Altamura (Bari), the Italian winner of a Wildwood table, one of the prizes offered in the first Lago contest, “Design is changing“. Air Wildwood Table

Vitantonio, how did you find out about the Lago contest and why did you decide to participate?

My fiancée and I stopped by our city’s Lago retailer to check out the furniture, in advance of our wedding. Entering the store, we were immediately struck by the table that the Tucci shop had on display, paired with a stunning glass Lago kitchen. We knew right then that this would be the brand for our furniture. Mr Tucci, the owner of the shop, told us about the contest, which was very easy to participate in. So we did and fortune followed us!

What do you like in particular about Lago design?

I really like the pairing of glass and wood. And also the minimalist, linear and basic style of its components, just like the contest prizes: simple but at the same time stylish.

What is your favourite room of the house?

My favourite is the bedroom, since it is a place where you can relax.

What are your passions?

Like all  guys, I like to play football with old friends. Another of my passions, and this is a little particular and not for everyone, is working in my kitchen garden at weekends. Luckily, thanks to my grandfather, my family has a farm with annexed land.

Where will you put the Air Wildwood table?

In the dining room, which is a special space. Entering the room, it will be the first thing you notice, since the legs are glass and it almost seems like the table surface is floating in the air.

The Wildwood table was delivered by Franco Tucci, the owner of Tucci Arredamenti, during the award event. consegna tavolo wildwood tucci arredamanento If you want to find out more about the Air Wildwood table, take a look at this post.

Air Wildwood, a table with a soul

When we buy something, we rarely think about the process that led to its creation. We are so busy choosing the shape, matching the colours, figuring out whether or not the measurements are right for our homes that we forget to dig deeper.

Often, companies do not help to fill this gap, since they are generally not concerned with communicating the process, just the final product. For example, what motivates a company to produce one product instead of another? How many hours are needed to produce it? And how many prototypes were drafted before arriving at the final version?

Let’s consider the Air Wildwood table. It took 22 models to arrive at the definitive prototype and 120 hours to design and engineer it, but we liked the idea of adding old-wood to the collection … it is almost as if we picked up a big log washed up by the sea onto the beach and used it to make tables, shelves, beds …

Air wildwood_table

Every Wildwood Air table is unique, with its own wood grain and soul. And then wood is a material that expresses truth, emotion and time.

Time. This is the component that measures how much care goes into the creation of something.

And if we told you that the production of your Wildwood table lasted 12 hours and required the passion of 5 artisans? Perhaps you would be able to get an idea of how much attention and experience was put into it by those who made it.

lavorazione wildwood

 But the Air Wildwood table is more. It is a table with a memory, a product that acquires history little by little as it is used, where even the smallest scratch, due to use, communicates something about the life taking places all around it. A table that invites sharing.

I’ll give you some of the numbers. And, why not, also the chance to win one of your own, participating in the Lago contest ”Design is changing”. Just click here!

numeri tavolo air wildwood