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Appartamento Lago and Radiobici

Culture, sharing and sustainability are values that have been inscribed in the LAGO DNA from the very beginning. And so when we met Maurizio Guagnetti, a Radio 105 journalist, it was natural for us to support his Radiobici project and recognise its closeness to our Appartamento LAGO project.

The reason? Travel. Appartamento LAGO is a project that involves diverse places and people, creating new connections, but it is also a journey through the interiors of Italy, from north to south and east to west. Each house has a unique personality, shaped by that of those who live there.

apt treviso

Radiobici, instead, is a journey through exteriors, in search of the beauty of the places visited, but from an unusual perspective. It is a trip across Italy with the aim of telling the stories of those who try, every day, to create value in spite of the economic crisis. And do it in a sustainable way.

Appartamento LAGO and Radiobici also share the participatory approach and desire to transform culture involving the whole country and all of its social groups.

Radiobici Massimo Guagnetti

Maurizio Guagnetti gets from one place to the next using ecological means: a bicycle. This strikes us as the perfect next chapter after Giacomo de Stefano’s Man on the river project, a sustainable adventure along the rivers of Europe.

With the interviewee pedalling on his bike, which is set up in a special way to accommodate guests, Maurizio interviewed mayors, philosophers, writers, athletes and contemporary personalities between March and July. The Radiobici spiritual guide is Philippe Daverio, who you can listen to in this video, talking about medieval Milan.

On Monday, 29 July, at 3 pm, after a visit to the Appartamento LAGO at Via Brera 30 in Milan, it will be Daniele Lago’s turn to make himself comfortable on the bike and start pedalling.

We will keep you informed. In the meantime, you can follow all the other legs of the trip.