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Now accepting applications for the Lagostudio workshops

We are now accepting applications for the 2014 LAGOSTUDIO workshops. LAGOSTUDIO is the creative soul of LAGO, a laboratory where young talents can develop innovative projects. It is an excellent opportunity for designers and architects to spend ten together days on-site, working side by side with LAGO creatives and technicians.

Lagostudio Workshop

This year, there will be two LAGOSTUDIO workshops. Here are the dates and deadlines.

The application deadline is 18 May 2014.

The application deadline 25 May 2014.

Applications received after the deadlines will be kept in consideration for future workshops.

It is simple to apply. Just fill out the online application form, also sending your CV and project portfolio. LAGOSTUDIO workshop participants will be given a specific brief and guidelines for designing products that are in-line with the LAGO philosophy and mood. Projects deemed especially interesting will be produced by the company, which will reward the designer/architect with economic compensation.


Lagostudio Workshop


The 10 workshop participants will be selected by a committee of prominent figures in the world of design, chaired by Daniele Lago, Creative Director of LAGO. The committee will evaluate the candidates’ portfolios, concentrating on product innovation, compatibility with LAGO style and the maturity of the designs.


The official list of workshop participants will be published on the LAGOSTUDIO website upon confirmation of the participation of all ten designers.


More information, the complete competition announcement and the LAGOSTUDIO products already being produced by the company can be found on the LAGOSTUDIO website. Further information can be requested by sending an email to: lagostudio@lago.it


Città Invisibili Kids Village, a lesson in creativity from children

Working with children is a journey through the freest forms of creativity, devoid of useless superstructures and a constant source of unexpected stimulus. We got proof of this at the two workshops – Saturday, 5 October and Saturday, 12 October – that we organised at Casa su Misura, the Padua furniture fair, inside the Città Invisibili Kids Village, a special area reserved for children and their parents.

Kids Village

In this space, the children got to look through enchanting books, listen to stories, participate in creative workshops, draw and read with their parents, who in turn had the chance to get advice about what and how to read to their children and how to design a room specially for kids.

Libri infanzia

During the workshops, which were called ‘La città diseducativa’ (literally, ‘the city of setting a bad example’), the LAGO Personal Kid Designer and the Città Invisibili workshop leader guided the children through the planning of a very special house, filled with dream rooms and secret spaces.

It was interesting to discover the places where children like to hide themselves at home, what their favourite room is and how they would change the furnishings if they could. These workshops helped us better understand their needs, the colours and materials they like best and which kinds of environments make them feel safe.

The most fun thing was to see them interacting with our furniture, while they read, coloured and played.

Their creativity was expressed with complete freedom … and just a few crayons were all it took to transform two Air Wildwood benches into blank sheets for their names, flowers and dreams.


A restyle that we liked so much that we decided to display the benches, together with their ‘dream house’, in our Art Waiting Room.

Panche Air Wildwood