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The evolution of Lago kitchens

The kitchen has an evocative power like no other room in the house, since it is connected to the sense of smell, the most atavistic of the five senses. It is the beating heart of the home, the centre of conviviality.


We designed our first kitchens in 2008, starting from the 36e8 module, our basic building block: a 36.8×36.8 square that makes a vast range of compositions possible.

A module as innovative as it is atypical in the kitchen, which gave rise to a new aesthetic language completely counter to the tradition of multiples of 15 or 30 cm, dimensions suited for built-in household appliances.

Using that module, we had fun creating trees, clouds and lobsters: we played with abstract language as well as figurative. But most of all we made it possible for everyone to build their own kitchen, mixing containers, depths, finishes and colours.

lago alberi e nuvole

A possibility that has been enriched over time with new materials, like Wildwood, which is perfect for kitchen counters: this is a material that is especially important to us, since it is authentic and full of warmth and in the kitchen it acquires even more of a history, since the more it is used, the more it has to say about life, conviviality and sharing.

And then there is the Weightless system, which makes it possible to hang cupboards from the ceiling, and which can be used to create intriguing and functional islands in the centre of the room.

Cucina 36e8 Wildwood

Over these five years, we have also dedicated ourselves a great deal to the organisation of space, to offer an effective response to the needs and movements of cooking, studying ergonomics and enriching the base cabinets, wall cabinets and N.O.W. pantry with practical, elegant accessories, drawers and pull-out columns

Accessori cucina Lago


In addition to glass panels, we have recently introduced lacquer, in order to offer consumers a kitchen designed first and foremost with functionality in mind.

But we were still not satisfied. The Interior Project completed the room with flooring, tiles, wall finishes and wallpaper that are in perfect dialogue with the 36e8 kitchen. A collection that we wanted to create since the more harmonious and coherent design, the more it improves life.


There are lots of other small characteristics of our pieces that help simplify life, such as push-pull openings and base cabinets that open at a touch.

Want to find out about the others? Step into our kitchen!