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Now accepting applications for the Lagostudio workshops

We are now accepting applications for the 2014 LAGOSTUDIO workshops. LAGOSTUDIO is the creative soul of LAGO, a laboratory where young talents can develop innovative projects. It is an excellent opportunity for designers and architects to spend ten together days on-site, working side by side with LAGO creatives and technicians.

Lagostudio Workshop

This year, there will be two LAGOSTUDIO workshops. Here are the dates and deadlines.

The application deadline is 18 May 2014.

The application deadline 25 May 2014.

Applications received after the deadlines will be kept in consideration for future workshops.

It is simple to apply. Just fill out the online application form, also sending your CV and project portfolio. LAGOSTUDIO workshop participants will be given a specific brief and guidelines for designing products that are in-line with the LAGO philosophy and mood. Projects deemed especially interesting will be produced by the company, which will reward the designer/architect with economic compensation.


Lagostudio Workshop


The 10 workshop participants will be selected by a committee of prominent figures in the world of design, chaired by Daniele Lago, Creative Director of LAGO. The committee will evaluate the candidates’ portfolios, concentrating on product innovation, compatibility with LAGO style and the maturity of the designs.


The official list of workshop participants will be published on the LAGOSTUDIO website upon confirmation of the participation of all ten designers.


More information, the complete competition announcement and the LAGOSTUDIO products already being produced by the company can be found on the LAGOSTUDIO website. Further information can be requested by sending an email to: lagostudio@lago.it


LAGO Community Table @ Turin International Book Fair

The 27th Turin International Book Fair opened on 8 May at Lingotto and will continue until 12 May.

For this occasion, we have set up the Lounge of the Circolo dei Lettori (Readers’ Circle)—Pavilion 5 W07—with a LAGO Community Table where writers, journalists and publishers can meet to talk, share ideas and introduce themselves.

The LAGO Community Table is one of our answers to the need to experience design ‘live’, looking at, touching and using the products. The Community Table is a place for socialising, talking, working and eating, a centre of attraction for making connections and launching an interesting chain of communication.


The area for relaxation and interviews is instead furnished with Air sofas and Huggy chairs.


The theme of this year’s International Book Fair is ‘Good’. ‘Good’ understood in all of its aspects: philosophical, ethical, historical, literary and neuroscientific. But also the concept of the Common Good and of ‘work well done’, for rediscovering craftsmanship in editorial creation and production.

For more information, visit the fair website: http://www.salonelibro.it/it/

Radiobici, Maurizio Guagnetti’s interview of Daniele Lago

As we promised you last July, here is the video of the interview of Daniele Lago conducted by Maurizio Guagnetti, a Radio 105 journalist, while pedaling through the streets of Milan.


The interview is part of the Radiobici project, for which Appartamento Lago is a sponsor, considering the initiatives’ common values, like culture, sharing and sustainability. And given the travel theme that unites them both: one a journey through the outdoor spaces of Italy, the other a journey through the indoor spaces.

Appartamento Lago Bergamo

Daniele talks about how to grow in times of crisis, designing and producing sense, reopening the question of and rebuilding our Italian identity.

Happy viewing!

Transcription of Maurizio Guagnetti’s interview of Daniele Lago

Daniele Lago: For me, it is fundamental to produce meaning through every action …

Maurizio Guagnetti: And so, Daniele, what does thinking positively mean, doing business in Italy today?

Daniele Lago: For us, it means putting the individual back in the centre.

M: And when they ask you what Lago does, what is your answer?

D: We are trying to reduce the number of divorces, because we think that design is a kind of tool
for improving our impact on the world, for helping it change for the better. If you are talking to me
about atoms and matter … we are making furnishings, we are making furniture, we are exploring
new design frontiers from every point of view. Lago has always tried to build its path on a concept
of transparency and authenticity. We have tried to find new ways of getting the Lago product seen
and we thought that real homes could be an interesting driver, we invite regular people to open
up their personal living spaces … and they become for a year and a half or two years a kind of
ambassador for the brand in the city. Doing business today, especially in Italy, is a venture with a
capital V. In reality, we are growing even in Italy this year … we are growing probably because we
have focused on a series of factors that have proved to be significant.

M: But is this a kind of growth tied to the fact that luxury is growing in Italy or is it something

D: Beyond the fact that we do not position ourselves so high up, I have always sought out, in
the Lago path and process, an extremely noteworthy value-for-money relationship. I believe that
design needs to be concerned with an always increasing number of people, not an exaggerated
niche. La Dolce Vita is dead! What we need is to reinvent what it means to be Italian and also La
Dolce Vita.

M: And so a new way of being Italian?

D: Absolutely yes. We already have an advantage starting out, since, in my view, we have the
fortune of having a great deal of energy, but we really need to put back into motion and reopen
discussion about a lot of things. It is fundamental that there is support from all of the institutions
and a strong will to establish which three adjectives for Italy are the ones that need to be used to
attract. Planet Italy has great workmanship, a great capacity for craftsmanship … and so we are
creating start-ups that put bits and atoms into agreement, but we are trying to keep the atoms
in mind, since otherwise there is a risk of creating a parallel layer that, I think, would be a losing
venture, since creating a Silicon Valley in Italy is unlikely. In the last ten years, sustainability has
taken on a meaning that is almost always tied to environmental impact. I have a broader vision
of the measure in which the whole theme of sustainability is applied on a wide scale: human,
economic, environmental sustainability cannot however be relegated to a human aspect of the
human. In fifteen years of experience with Lago, or twenty, I have developed the idea that when
you work on projects, if these projects have even just a minimal balance between brain, heart
and instinct, they will work. This means that the human being needs X number of things and
sustainability needs X number of things. I am not enamoured with the cultural foundations of
businesses, because I believe that it is a little bit the PLC that need to be a cultural foundation.
It is useless if on one path I don’t look anything or anyone in the face and on another produce
culture. Returning to the theme of the Expo, I believe that there, too, what is needed is an Expo
more connected to processes than to seeing the statement of returns. I believe that what is
needed is a path where one puts into motion a mechanism of change. I was really struck by a
headline on the cover of the magazine for the Pistoletto foundation, which said: “We need to
change our way of changing”. It is in this nuance that the Expo can become an opportunity or one
among many failures.

The evolution of Lago kitchens

The kitchen has an evocative power like no other room in the house, since it is connected to the sense of smell, the most atavistic of the five senses. It is the beating heart of the home, the centre of conviviality.


We designed our first kitchens in 2008, starting from the 36e8 module, our basic building block: a 36.8×36.8 square that makes a vast range of compositions possible.

A module as innovative as it is atypical in the kitchen, which gave rise to a new aesthetic language completely counter to the tradition of multiples of 15 or 30 cm, dimensions suited for built-in household appliances.

Using that module, we had fun creating trees, clouds and lobsters: we played with abstract language as well as figurative. But most of all we made it possible for everyone to build their own kitchen, mixing containers, depths, finishes and colours.

lago alberi e nuvole

A possibility that has been enriched over time with new materials, like Wildwood, which is perfect for kitchen counters: this is a material that is especially important to us, since it is authentic and full of warmth and in the kitchen it acquires even more of a history, since the more it is used, the more it has to say about life, conviviality and sharing.

And then there is the Weightless system, which makes it possible to hang cupboards from the ceiling, and which can be used to create intriguing and functional islands in the centre of the room.

Cucina 36e8 Wildwood

Over these five years, we have also dedicated ourselves a great deal to the organisation of space, to offer an effective response to the needs and movements of cooking, studying ergonomics and enriching the base cabinets, wall cabinets and N.O.W. pantry with practical, elegant accessories, drawers and pull-out columns

Accessori cucina Lago


In addition to glass panels, we have recently introduced lacquer, in order to offer consumers a kitchen designed first and foremost with functionality in mind.

But we were still not satisfied. The Interior Project completed the room with flooring, tiles, wall finishes and wallpaper that are in perfect dialogue with the 36e8 kitchen. A collection that we wanted to create since the more harmonious and coherent design, the more it improves life.


There are lots of other small characteristics of our pieces that help simplify life, such as push-pull openings and base cabinets that open at a touch.

Want to find out about the others? Step into our kitchen!

Marco Rainò, design angel for the second Lagostudio workshop

The Lagostudio workshop is drawing to a close. They were intense weeks, during which the young designers first worked on product design and then on retail.

Leading them on this adventure was Marco Rainò, an architect interested in experimentation and contamination between different disciplines, including architecture, graphic design and design.

marco rainò

Marco founded his architecture firm, BRH+, with Barbara Brondi in 2002, and also works on, among other things, exhibitions and installations, as well as art direction for interior design publications.

Today was feedback day, following a week during which the young designers worked on a theme specially selected by Marco: the shop window, a key retail element, especially for the possibilities it opens up for communicating with the public.

feedback lagostudio

In this interview, he talks about why he accepted Lago’s invitation and the brief he gave to the designers.

Air Wildwood, a table with a soul

When we buy something, we rarely think about the process that led to its creation. We are so busy choosing the shape, matching the colours, figuring out whether or not the measurements are right for our homes that we forget to dig deeper.

Often, companies do not help to fill this gap, since they are generally not concerned with communicating the process, just the final product. For example, what motivates a company to produce one product instead of another? How many hours are needed to produce it? And how many prototypes were drafted before arriving at the final version?

Let’s consider the Air Wildwood table. It took 22 models to arrive at the definitive prototype and 120 hours to design and engineer it, but we liked the idea of adding old-wood to the collection … it is almost as if we picked up a big log washed up by the sea onto the beach and used it to make tables, shelves, beds …

Air wildwood_table

Every Wildwood Air table is unique, with its own wood grain and soul. And then wood is a material that expresses truth, emotion and time.

Time. This is the component that measures how much care goes into the creation of something.

And if we told you that the production of your Wildwood table lasted 12 hours and required the passion of 5 artisans? Perhaps you would be able to get an idea of how much attention and experience was put into it by those who made it.

lavorazione wildwood

 But the Air Wildwood table is more. It is a table with a memory, a product that acquires history little by little as it is used, where even the smallest scratch, due to use, communicates something about the life taking places all around it. A table that invites sharing.

I’ll give you some of the numbers. And, why not, also the chance to win one of your own, participating in the Lago contest ”Design is changing”. Just click here!

numeri tavolo air wildwood