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World Book Day: stop by Open, stand up and be counted

In celebration of reading and World Book Day, we are joining Open Milano in a campaign promoted by Città Invisibili: ‘Ci metto la faccia’ (‘I am standing up to be counted’).

Open Milano

From 23 to 30 April, book lovers can stop by any of the participating bookstores to stand up and be counted, shifting from invisible readers to visible ones.

How it works

1. Go to the nearest participating bookstore with your favourite book;
2. Put the book very close to your face;
3. Take a picture;
4. Choose a sentence from your book.

The bookseller will upload your photo to the ‘Ci metto la faccio’ section of www.cittainvisibili.org together with your information and the sentence you picked from the book.

Ci metto la faccia Ci metto la faccia

We are waiting for you at Open, Viale Montenero, 6 Milan.

If you are not in Milan, find the closest participating bookstore on this list.

città invisibili ci metto la faccia