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Interview with Jennifer Rieker, designer of 3Dots Wallpaper

We met Jennifer Rieker at the first 2013 Lagostudio workshop. And this year she was the winner of the Lagostudio ‘Young Contest’. We were working on children’s rooms and asked the Lagostudio creatives to design some wallpaper for kids. Jennifer’s design, 3Dots Wallpaper, came in first. It is simple and amazing, just as design for children should be.

Jennifer Rieker

Hi Jennifer. How did you come up with the idea of 3Dots Wallpaper? Tell us more about the concept.

First I tried to remember the wallpaper that I had in my room when I was a child. It was completely white. But it had a kind of relief structure made of small dots. So to me as a child it was not only a white wall, I was discovering silhouettes like animals, people or objects in the random structure. Secondly I was inspired by an article I read about the fact that we tend to see faces in everything. The basic elements we need to recognize a face are two dots aligned horizontally over a nose or a mouth. This lead to the idea of the 3Dots wallpaper.

It’s a dotted pattern, in which you can find different animals by spotting the 3 black dots, which make the faces. So to adults it may be just a random pattern, but to children it can be a forest full of animals.

3Dots Wallpaper

Which aspects should be taken into account when designing for children?

Just ask them or ask yourself and remember what you liked or disliked when you where a child. Don’t take it too serious, design should make you smile.

Are there some needs that the designers or the companies do not have yet understood?

Design for children should be also adorable for adults. The best example would be a design that you want to have in your office or living room as well as in the kids room.

An essential fot the kids’ room?

A hide-away. A place in the room, that feels like your own tree house or cave. A place where you can hide, read or play, alone or with a friend.

How was your room when you were a child?

It was only 9m2, that’s why I had a loft bed. Underneath it was a space to hide or play with friends. The wallpaper was white, with a dotted relief and I had a wooden seagull hanging from the ceiling.

Camerette Lago

Eight good reasons to download the LAGO Bedroom app

Starting today, we are in the Apple Store, too. Our first app is dedicated to the bedroom area and is available, for now, in an iPad version.

lago bedroom app

While exploring it, you will discover the surprise of sleeping suspended among the clouds or resting your head on the trunk of a tree. You can open and close the Lago wardrobes or lose yourself among the trees in the clothes closets. But you can also look for the bed that best suits your needs in terms of taste and size, and learn how to mix products, interior, materials and colours to create the bedroom of your dreams.

If that is not enough, here are eight good reasons to download the LAGO Bedroom app:

1. Complete catalogue

In the LAGO Bedroom app, you will find the complete paper catalogue, including all of the compositions and technical information. This way you can easily see the entire LAGO bedroom collection and choose your favourite products at your leisure.

2. Products shown in room compositions

Finding the product that you liked so much and saw in that magazine or the window of that shop is easier with the LAGO Bedroom app. For each composition, clicking on the ‘F’ (Furniture) and ‘I’ (Interior) icons will display the names of all of the products shown: from systems and individual pieces to wallpaper and flooring.

Nomi prodotti Lago

3. Virtual Tour

Would you like to see what it feels like inside a Lago bedroom? Thanks to ’3D’ functionality, you can take a virtual tour and visit different rooms that change in mood and interior, finding the one that best suits your personality.

3D Virtual Tour

4. One product, so many compositions

With the ‘Scroll’ function, you can see different versions of the same product or the different available sizes. This way you have a few extra ideas for planning your bedroom.


scroll composizioni

5. How LAGO products work

LAGO design is always surprising, from fabric wardrobes to dress up in stripes or solid colours to clothes closets that seem like forests of trees. There are lots of animations in the LAGO Bedroom app that explain how the products work and about their modularity.

6. Share the products you like with your friends

If you like a composition or a product, you can show it to your friends on Facebook directly from the app.

7. Lago for you

Do you want more information or help with planning? Clicking on ‘Lago for you’, you will be taken directly to the site dedicated to Lago services, where you can ask the store in your area for information about a product, an inspection or an in-store consultation.

8. Mini-games

Apps are also about play. We have included interactive mini-games in the LAGO Bedroom app, so you can build your own LagoLinea bookshelf or ‘touch’ the Soft Bench to see how we softened the wood.

lagolinea app

We would really like to know what you think about the new app. Leave a post comment or send us a  tweet at @lagoitalia.

The evolution of Lago kitchens

The kitchen has an evocative power like no other room in the house, since it is connected to the sense of smell, the most atavistic of the five senses. It is the beating heart of the home, the centre of conviviality.


We designed our first kitchens in 2008, starting from the 36e8 module, our basic building block: a 36.8×36.8 square that makes a vast range of compositions possible.

A module as innovative as it is atypical in the kitchen, which gave rise to a new aesthetic language completely counter to the tradition of multiples of 15 or 30 cm, dimensions suited for built-in household appliances.

Using that module, we had fun creating trees, clouds and lobsters: we played with abstract language as well as figurative. But most of all we made it possible for everyone to build their own kitchen, mixing containers, depths, finishes and colours.

lago alberi e nuvole

A possibility that has been enriched over time with new materials, like Wildwood, which is perfect for kitchen counters: this is a material that is especially important to us, since it is authentic and full of warmth and in the kitchen it acquires even more of a history, since the more it is used, the more it has to say about life, conviviality and sharing.

And then there is the Weightless system, which makes it possible to hang cupboards from the ceiling, and which can be used to create intriguing and functional islands in the centre of the room.

Cucina 36e8 Wildwood

Over these five years, we have also dedicated ourselves a great deal to the organisation of space, to offer an effective response to the needs and movements of cooking, studying ergonomics and enriching the base cabinets, wall cabinets and N.O.W. pantry with practical, elegant accessories, drawers and pull-out columns

Accessori cucina Lago


In addition to glass panels, we have recently introduced lacquer, in order to offer consumers a kitchen designed first and foremost with functionality in mind.

But we were still not satisfied. The Interior Project completed the room with flooring, tiles, wall finishes and wallpaper that are in perfect dialogue with the 36e8 kitchen. A collection that we wanted to create since the more harmonious and coherent design, the more it improves life.


There are lots of other small characteristics of our pieces that help simplify life, such as push-pull openings and base cabinets that open at a touch.

Want to find out about the others? Step into our kitchen!