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Art is about you, are you about art?

“ART IS ABOUT YOU, ARE YOU ABOUT ART?”. Dimostracelo! Mandaci una foto, scrivici qualcosa e spiegaci come sei legato all’arte. Chi invierà a la foto o il racconto più singolare, sarà invitato ad Affordable Art Fair per partecipare a una delle due serate speciali che vedranno coinvolta la cucina LAGO.

[Le foto o i racconti vanno mandati a - Oggetto: affordable art fair]

affordable art fair

Affordable Art Fair è la fiera dell’arte accessibile che, dopo il successo della prima edizione italiana, ritorna a Milano dal 2 al 5 febbraio a Superstudio Più in via Tortona 27.

Stavolta ci siamo anche noi. Una delle nostre cucine 36e8 diventerà la protagonista di ARTMEETINGS@cucinaLAGO, una serie di appuntamenti dedicati all’arte e alla cucina che si svolgeranno, in maniera non convenzionale, ogni pomeriggio da venerdì a domenica.

Due le serate speciali:

Mercoledì 1 Febbraio: PRIVATE VIEW ore 18.00-22.00 / solo su invito
Pochi fortunati scopriranno in anteprima tutte le opere d’arte esposte dalle 77 gallerie provenienti da tutto il mondo e Vito Gionatan Lassandro, uno dei tenant dell’Appartamento LAGO Milano Brera, eseguirà una performance ai confini tra arte e food nella cucina LAGO.

Giovedì 2 Febbraio. ART&FLAMES NIGHT ore 18.00-22.00
Galleristi e artisti si sfideranno ai fornelli, attorno alla cucina LAGO, coordinati da un noto chef, Matteo Torretta, Miglior Chef Emergente d’Italia nel 2010.

Partecipa al contest e potresti vincere un biglietto per una di queste due serate!


Redesign Life: Kathy Fielding arrives from Los Angeles

It’s not a joke, today we have a special guest on the Lago set!

Kathy Fielding, one of the most interesting users at , arrived direct from Los Angeles and brought with her a sack of ideas, a lot of oomph and a touch of Hollywood spirit!

Kathy likes to work with improvisation and so to she recruited the actors for her sketches here…convincing students studying in the library to come down and see what was going on at our Lago apartment was not so hard!

And this is what happened to Leopoldo and Francesca: They are students at the University of Padua, but under Kathy’s competent direction they transformed for all intents and purposes into full-fledged actors!

Beh, Kathy’s bubbly friendliness shines through in these photos, and the actors had loads of fun!! And you, what are you still doing at home?!

Redesign Life: Day 1

…today at the Lago house there is a great ferment in the air! This morning in fact we welcomed the first group of videomakers who, in order to work on our Lago set, came to us from Genoa!!

Today’s group is seriously organized: actors, make-up artists, extras, and a real director’s crew! The guys from fun lab services ( will help Marcello create the video for his new single! ( Some of the extras were recruited on the spot…they were in the library to study on the second floor, but then they saw the activity on the set from the windows and couldn’t resist the idea of getting involved!

Marcello and his friends aren’t the only ones to be here at our place today…this morning, some journalists paid us a visit for a press conference organized by Lago, Fondazione March and the Culture Office of the Municipality of Padua. And so they, too, saw just how many things can be done thanks to Lago design and a pinch of imagination!

What are you waiting for?! Pay us a visit!!

San Gaetano Cultural Center: Redesign Life!

Those daring souls who were not frightened by the Paduan deluge and who, defying the elements, managed to reach the Cultural Center of via Altinate, found within its walls a super-stylish house where everything was bright and ready to welcome them!

The man of the house is Lago, who invited his guests to make themselves comfortable on his sofa to page through a book or chat among friends, to play with the Morgana chest of drawers and the surprise openings of the wardrobes in his bedroom, to drink a coffee in his kitchen, perhaps while seated at his suspended table…at the Lago house magic is within everyone’s reach!

Obviously, we, too, Giorgia and Letizia, were unable to resist exploring the wonders of the Lago house…in part because up until 8 December it will also be, a little bit, our house!

Each day we will play host to groups of photographers and videomakers who will interpret the furnishing of the apartment according to their own style, with imagination and humor. If you are in the neighborhood, you can also get involved in putting together these projects!

Anything could happen…and we are very curious to discover how they will transform this house!
Aren’t you?!

The house is open, and we are waiting for you!!

Letizia and Giorgia

Redesign Life: dreams can come true

And no, it’s not just a quote from Walt Disney! Here at the Lago Appartamento in San Gaetano magic really happens!

On Sunday, Guido and Paola paid us a visit. Guido is passionate about contemporary art and came to see the installation by Antonio Guiotto, an artist from Padua, whose exhibition at this location was curated by Fondazione March. What makes Lago special is precisely its relationship to art!

Here at Lago it is held to be true that art is one of those things that improves the business! And so for this occasion they asked Antonio to create an installation that would replace the usual information kiosk. Et voilà…magic!

Antonio succeeded in making furniture, packing boxes and seats talk…and to have the story of the company and the principles of its business philosophy told directly to them!

For Paola the true magic was instead of a different kind..for the first time she was able to make herself comfortable on the Huggy sofa to read a book and enjoy a moment of tranquility, while her husband did the housework!

With Lago literally anything is possible!