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Furnishing with colour: walls

White strikes us like a great, apparently absolute silence. Inside, we hear it like a non-sound, similar to the musical pauses that briefly interrupt the development of a phrase or theme … It is not a dead silence, but rather one that is rich in potential. White has a sound of silence that we can, unexpectedly, understand‘. Thus Kandinsky described the colour white, in his intriguing essay, Concerning the Spiritual in Art.

Appartamento LAGO Pescara

White contains all colours within it, it is its source and we often use it for the walls of our homes, whether because, being neutral, it goes with everything or due to laziness or a lack of creativity. And yet wall colour is not a secondary element of interior design: instead, it is a tool that changes our perception of space and influences our psychic and emotional wellbeing. There is no doubt that a red wall communicates something quite different than a green one. Of course, we do not claim to be big experts in Feng Shui, but most people could use a little advice about how to colour the walls of their homes. Which colours do the experts say are best suited to the various areas of the home?

The entryway

Appartamento LAGO Alicante

A place of transition between inside and outside, the entryway is an opening to our private world, so much so that people who are not welcome are left there, if not at the front door. Travelling salesmen know a bit about this. Curiously, these spaces, which are in and of themselves not very bright, are often not very well cared for, as if to discourage ‘invasion’. And yet they are the first welcome we offer our guests. If you are not so fortunate as to have a charming entryway with an exposed stone wall, like the one in the Lago Appartamento in Alicante, you can make it more welcoming by painting it in bright, luminous colours. You can decide which ones. The entryway is one of the few areas of the home where there are no limits to our choice of colour, a place where we can fearlessly experiment with our personalities.

The kitchen

Appartamento LAGO Bergamo

This is the heart of the home. It is the room that most strongly expresses the concept of family, since it is a place of exchange and sharing. The best colours for the kitchen are ones associated with conviviality, like yellow and orange. Yellow is the colour of cheerfulness, communication, extroversion, the sun and ripe grain. It stimulates digestion, since it helps the assimilation of food. Orange, which you get from mixing yellow with a bit of red, is full of energy without being aggressive. Normally associated with citrus fruit, it stimulates the appetite. One should avoid reds and blues in the kitchen (they are too heavy), while bright shades of green work very well. An alternative to colouring the walls is to leave them white and install a colourful kitchen.

The living room


Relaxation. This is the key word for the living room, the space where we go to relax after a long day of work, and where we entertain guests. The best colours are neutrals, from the brown range: creams, biscuits, brownish-greys. Colours of the earth and natural materials have always been classics of interior decoration. Terracottas are also excellent choices, like red, brick red, antique pink and orange, which help warm up the atmosphere.

The bedroom

LAGO Bedroom

This area needs to be healthful and tranquil. Rest is extremely important to us as human beings, otherwise we would not dedicate a third of our lives to it. For the bedroom, you can choose cool colours (like blue and green) or warm colours (like pink, peach and apricot).

The study

Lago Office

The room dedicated to work and study needs to help us with our organisation, concentration and productivity. The colours that best meet these needs are bright green and yellow, while orange is good for the more creative types, since it stimulates visual memory.

The bathroom

LAGO Bathroom

This is arguably the most intimate room in the home, the place where we strip away our masks and fatigue. Like the entryway, the bathroom is a very versatile space, in terms of colour. Since water is one of the first things we associate with bathrooms, the best hues are blue, turquoise and green, but a peach or antique pink bathroom can also create a gentle atmosphere, perfect for relaxing.

An alternative to paint is wallpaper. There are many different kinds in the LAGO Interior collection, like the most recent design, 3Dots, which is perfect for children’s rooms; Playwall, a Velcroed wallpaper (patented by Jannelli&Volpi) to which you can attach, detach and reattach shelves and cushions, and Luci e Ombre, which invades the room with light patterns coming from imaginary windows.

Take a look at the LAGO wallpapers designed together with Jannelli&Volpi.

Choose the colours for your home from the Natural Wall Painting collection, developed together with Oikos.

World Book Day: stop by Open, stand up and be counted

In celebration of reading and World Book Day, we are joining Open Milano in a campaign promoted by Città Invisibili: ‘Ci metto la faccia’ (‘I am standing up to be counted’).

Open Milano

From 23 to 30 April, book lovers can stop by any of the participating bookstores to stand up and be counted, shifting from invisible readers to visible ones.

How it works

1. Go to the nearest participating bookstore with your favourite book;
2. Put the book very close to your face;
3. Take a picture;
4. Choose a sentence from your book.

The bookseller will upload your photo to the ‘Ci metto la faccio’ section of together with your information and the sentence you picked from the book.

Ci metto la faccia Ci metto la faccia

We are waiting for you at Open, Viale Montenero, 6 Milan.

If you are not in Milan, find the closest participating bookstore on this list.

città invisibili ci metto la faccia

Salone del Mobile – Day 1

13 locations, 70 events, 35 partners, 12 new products, 40 LAGO People, 3,160 sq. m. And a ton of energy!

These are our numbers for Salone 2014 and we will be keeping you up-to-date, day after day, from all of the LAGO hot spots in Milan. We have a widespread presence at the fair this year that expresses our new project: LAGO Interior Life.

LAGO Interior Life is the guiding concept that will be inspiring our work over the coming years and that seeks to generate empathy between the interior lives of each and every one of us and the life of the interiors we inhabit. Because the equation is simple: ‘If you spend your time in quality spaces, your quality of life will also be higher’.

Ambitious? Perhaps, but we like to think that our design can positively influence people’s lives, making them feel good, reducing conflicts at home and in the office, giving people the chance to be the designers of their own private living spaces.

This is why we have drafted an 11-point manifesto, leaving the sixth point blank. It is empty because we have left it for you to fill in. With your own energy.

Manifesto LAGO Interior Life

We are waiting for you here at the Salone, Pavilion 16 | Stand B25-C30; come and tell us about your point 6. In the meantime, here is a look at what’s new this year, for various areas of the home.






Bedroom LAGO




OFL_2434 copy

For more information about LAGO events and locations @ Milano Design Week 2014:






Architecture from the inside

Where is interior architecture headed? How does one ‘live’ the home today?
This is a hot topic right now, given the speed with which our needs related to living in the home are changing.

Franco Purini, Flavio Albanese, Guido Cabrini and Daniele Lago talked about it at the “Architettura dall’interno” (Architecture from the inside) conference held at the Lagostore Vicenza.

The conference was part of a series of events designed as part of the Redesigner project, the new Lago community for architects and interior designers who, as independent freelance professionals, can get involved in the initiative on a path of professional collaboration and continuing professional development.

The Redesigners work with Lago products on challenging projects that are redesigning the way we live in and interact with residential, recreational and work environments. If you are an industry professional, read more about the project and apply to become a participant.

And now, here is a video of the conference. Happy viewing!

Lago Object: announcing the Vita-Nova collection by Giovanni Scafuro

Giovanni Scafuro

After Filodolce by Giovanni Casellato, LAGO is continuing its search for design objects with an artisan soul, presenting Vita-Nova by Giovanni Scafuro.

The collection is made up of objects that at first were something else, cups, biscuit jars and sugar bowls, where the white, minimalist ceramic is perfectly balanced by the presence of a piece of silverware that acts as a handle, or old decorated plates that have been turned into jewellery or objects for the home.

We went to interview the artist: Giovanni Scafuro, an artisan from Milan who at a young age breathed in the air of Neapolitan bottegas, meeting ceramicists, smiths and carpenters, who taught him the art of making things by hand. Recycling and recuperation are a constant of his unending process of experimentation, as well as the point of departure for his Vita-Nova collection that, combining techniques and materials, gives new life to everyday objects.

Giovanni, you call yourself a handesigner … what is a handesigner?

The term handesigner is for me a different way of saying artisan, the person who designs, creates and experiments. It comes from the phrase ‘hand & sign’, where the ‘&’ stands for the Italian word for ‘and’, which is ‘e’, and therefore hand-e-sign becomes handesign. ‘Hand’ indicates the manual skill that always stands behind my work and ‘sign’ stands for experimental design, two concepts that I believe are essential for giving a soul to an object and making it unique.

How did you decide to become a handesigner?

In reality, it all came about by chance, around twenty years ago, moving from bottega to bottega among various Neapolitan artisans: Nicola, a master glass worker, the last in Naples to make artisan mirrors; Raffaele, a cabinet maker who can recognise a wood by its smell alone: Mario, a smith who doesn’t need a ruler for finding out the measurement of a pipe; Antimo, a ceramicist who makes vases with his eyes closed; Marcelllo, who makes Tiffany windows and with whom, over lunch, I designed anything and everything on pizza boxes; Gennaro, a painter who taught me how to look at colours … and many, many more. I learned from them both techniques, often traditional ones, and ways of looking at things from a different, unusual perspective. And I started making objects that, over the years, became increasingly technical and material, reusing something that already exists, things that are by now at the end of their life cycle.

What is the idea at the basis of your design?

Looking at things with fresh eyes, giving them a new direction and another life. Working with recycled materials, I am first inspired by the material, then I try to combine techniques, trying to create something new. I am often inspired by what has been ‘rejected’, things I find in flea markets or antique markets, and old stuff like fine porcelain plates that, once chipped, are considered trash. These things have not lost value for me, so I made a line of jewellery. While I transformed the old nickel silver cutlery instead into decorations for the house like centrepieces and lamps.

I have noticed that you have a huge passion for forks. Where does that come from?

The fork is the object I chose for focusing my experiments, both because metal is my favourite material, since it does not take a long time to work, like wood, ceramics or glass, and for its tie to everyday. I like seeing people smile when they realise I have used a fork for a piece of jewellery or turned one into a handle for an espresso cup. Seeing it with different eyes, it can often be astonishing, since it has a shape and use that we usually see as unchangeable.

Would you tell us about the collection you developed for Lago?

The Lago collection Vita-Nova uses objects that were at first something else, like white, minimalist ceramics (espresso cups, teacups, biscuit jars, sugar bowls), which are then perfectly balanced by the presence of a piece of cutlery turned into a handle. Or old decorated plates found at antique markets or flea markets and transformed into jewellery and objects for the home. What interests me more than reuse is the search for a new point of view, using the material in the best way possible, both for its technical characteristics and for its aesthetic angle.

Giovanni Scafuro al lavoro

Shoot, share and win @ Lagostore Paris Saint Germain

Inaugurazione Lagostore Paris

Shoot, share and win! Two years after the opening and on the occasion of Maison et Objet, the Paris event dedicated to furnishing that lights up Ville Lumière from 24 to 28 January, our single-brand store in Paris, Saint Germain is organising a contest dedicated to Lago design.

shoot share and win

Today, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., you can go to 197 Boulevard Saint Germain and play with the 36e8 system modules to create the composition of your dreams. Once you find the perfect one, take a picture of it and share it on the Lagostore social networks. The composition that receives the most likes will win an iPad Air.

moduli 36e8

The event will also be a chance to see the new Lago products, in particular the bathroom designs, developed over the last few years and presented in the recent bathroom catalogue.

LAGO Bathroom

We will be waiting for you to share a toast and thank you for the welcome you have shown us in Paris over the last two years. 

LAGO @ IMM Cologne 2014

After entering the German market last year through our participation in IMM Cologne, we are bringing LAGO design to Germany in 2014 as well. For this year’s stand, we chose a fresh, design-oriented approach with a special focus on the interior. We will be in Hall 3.2 – E009 D008, in the ‘Pure Edition’ area, where the central theme is interior design with a focus on the living area and bathroom.

We wanted our stand to be open and participatory, just like our design, and so we put a big Wildwood table right in the middle of it. Around this table, we built an alternation of solids and voids, alternating walls and spaces and leaving the two spaces corresponding to the table ends open. The result is a light, airy space and an invitation to take a seat at the long table to share projects and ideas.

Stand LAGO @ imm Koeln 2014

The invitation to social activity is reinforced by our decision to include a 36e8 island kitchen with a Wildwood counter, which will be the site of ‘show cooking’ events throughout the fair. The kitchen is paired with a N.O.W. pantry in shiny almond glass with exposed Miele appliances.

Showcooking @ Stand Lago imm Koeln 2014

On both sides of the central table, you can see and try out Lago products, like the suspended Et Voilà wardrobe, the Air sofa, the Slide bookshelf paired with a Slide carpet, the Morgana chest of drawers, the Air bookshelf, 36e8 storage with a Wildwood front, a colourful N.O.W. wardrobe and the patchwork Huggy armchair. Completing the settings are the Rooms, Curtains and Luci e Ombre wallpapers developed with Jannelli&Volpi and wall finishes designed with Oikos.

The bedroom area was designed externally though an installation that transforms the Slide flooring into a headboard for the Fluttua bed.

LAGO Bedroom

Naturally, after the recent release of our first Bathroom catalogue, we couldn’t leave out the bathroom: the Depth washbasin in Wildwood is complemented by 36e8 Slimtech panelling in fango (mud), designed with Lea Ceramiche.

LAGO Bathroom

Last but not least, something new: in addition to Filodolce by Giovanni Casellato, the LAGO Object collection has expanded to include ‘vita-nova’ by Giovanni Scafuro, a series of objects that were originally something else: cups, cookie jars and sugar bowls, where a piece of silverware acts as a handle or old decorated plates become jewellery or objects for the home.

vita-nova by giovanni scafuro

Meet Vitantonio, the Italian winner of the first Lago contest

The second LAGO contest is open until 18 February. Participate at sign up and you could be an instant winner of an object from the Filodolce collection or a gift card, and you will be entered in the final draw for a trip to one of the great European capitals of design.

While waiting to find out who will be the winner of the trip, we went to interview Vitantonio of Altamura (Bari), the Italian winner of a Wildwood table, one of the prizes offered in the first Lago contest, “Design is changing“. Air Wildwood Table

Vitantonio, how did you find out about the Lago contest and why did you decide to participate?

My fiancée and I stopped by our city’s Lago retailer to check out the furniture, in advance of our wedding. Entering the store, we were immediately struck by the table that the Tucci shop had on display, paired with a stunning glass Lago kitchen. We knew right then that this would be the brand for our furniture. Mr Tucci, the owner of the shop, told us about the contest, which was very easy to participate in. So we did and fortune followed us!

What do you like in particular about Lago design?

I really like the pairing of glass and wood. And also the minimalist, linear and basic style of its components, just like the contest prizes: simple but at the same time stylish.

What is your favourite room of the house?

My favourite is the bedroom, since it is a place where you can relax.

What are your passions?

Like all  guys, I like to play football with old friends. Another of my passions, and this is a little particular and not for everyone, is working in my kitchen garden at weekends. Luckily, thanks to my grandfather, my family has a farm with annexed land.

Where will you put the Air Wildwood table?

In the dining room, which is a special space. Entering the room, it will be the first thing you notice, since the legs are glass and it almost seems like the table surface is floating in the air.

The Wildwood table was delivered by Franco Tucci, the owner of Tucci Arredamenti, during the award event. consegna tavolo wildwood tucci arredamanento If you want to find out more about the Air Wildwood table, take a look at this post.

This Christmas, give Filodolce

Gasping for breath in a shop chock full of stressed out people, waiting patiently for your turn at the register, rushing anxiously to buy your last gift two minutes before the shop closes. Yep, the Christmas season is upon us.

But aren’t you tired of this last-minute ritual? If you are in Milan, you have an alternative, for doing things in a relaxed, enjoyable way. From 6 to 23 December at via Alessandria 5 in Milan, the InDex – Indipendent Design Exhibition will be open to the public, a temporary shop dedicated to independent design where you can buy Christmas gifts made with passion and love by artisans and makers.

Fruit Basket


You will find small craftsman pieces, auto-produced objects made in small series. Among the exhibitors will be, with his own creations, our very own LAGO Maker Giovanni Casellato.

What better opportunity to stop by and, if you like, buy a piece from the Filodolce collection: trays, centrepieces, vases, magazine racks, candelabras, lamps and picture frames, all made starting with an iron wire that shapes the form and soul of each work. 

Workshops, laboratories and events are also scheduled. For more information, visit the website.

The first Lagostore in Berlin

In 2013, we made our debut on the German market participating, for the first time, in IMM Cologne, the German version of Italy’s Salone del Mobile.

Thursday, 28 November we continued on this path, opening our first store in Germany, in a city that is always on the cutting edge of design.

Lagostore Berlin is located in Kantstraße, inside Stilwerk Berlin, a space entirely dedicated to design furnishings.

LAGO living

In 125 square meters, you can find all of the new designs from the 2013 season, the LAGO Interior collection and LAGO Object, a series of small object characterised by LAGO design and the high quality and craftsman care of their production.

LAGO Object

The shop is divided into two areas. The first is an open space where you will find a bedroom zone, featuring the Air Wildwood bed, Et Voilà wardrobe and a Weightless bookshelf, and an angular kitchen with an island and a Wildwood top completed by a N.O.W. pantry, 36e8 sideboard, Comfort Table and Joynt chairs.

Lagostore Berlin kitchen

An Air portal/bookshelf separates this space from the planning area, where a 4-metre Air Wildwood table is used for working out ideas for spaces.


In this second area, you will also find a living area zone, with 36e8_storage and the 36e8_rug, a Slide bookshelf and best sellers like the Morgana chest of drawers, Huggy armchair and LagoLinea system.

At Lagostore Berlin, you will also find new solutions for the bathroom and can try out the working Cellule washbasin.

Cellule Basin

We look forward to seeing you at Lagostore Berlin and, next year as well, at IMM