Goodbye Bernardo Secchi, contemporary urban planner

This post is dedicated to Bernardo Secchi, Professor of Urban Planning at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (IUAV), who just passed away.

We met him a few years ago at the Appartamento Milan for one of the events in the ‘Dialoghi’ series.  He talked to us about his projects, including ‘Le Grand Paris’, explaining how design and urban planning are more similar than one might think. Both disciplines, according to Secchi, need to study how people move in space and pursue the goal of improving lives through design projects.

Bernardo Secchi

‘The city is a space that we experience with the body and we need to try to satisfy its needs with projects that combine both urban planning and design’.

His words are close to our vision of design: we do not look at the product as an end to itself, but go beyond its aesthetic meaning, thinking about who will be using it.

Three years ago, during that conversation, he invited us to go outside the Appartamento, since design needs to activate connections with the surrounding area. And that is exactly what we are proposing with LAGO Interior Life. The LAGO Community TableAppartamento LAGO, LAGO Inside, LAGO Welcome and LAGO At Work projects are nothing more than our stepping beyond the walls of private spaces. We plan public and private spaces with design that looks at what it can generate, always with the aim of improving people’s lives.

We would like to say THANK YOU for his great contribution.
Below, you will find the video of that conversation. Happy viewing!

DIALOGHI MILANO – PROGETTO E UTOPIA from Michele Sbrissa Fram_menti on Vimeo.

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