LAGO STUDIO Workshop with Troy Nachtigall

The first LAGO STUDIO workshop has drawn to a close. The ten designers selected to participate spent two weeks working at the LAGO Community Table set up in the middle of the LAGO FABBRICA showroom. Their brief was ‘Interior Life‘. They were asked to think in terms of design products capable of improving people’s lives.


The Design Angel for this edition of the workshop was Troy Nachtigall, Social Interaction Designer and university professor, who led the students in their work, encouraging them to combine design and technology. Troy has always been interested in influences between disciplines and his training and professional paths are proof of it. With a degree in fashion design, he integrated his training with technology, video mapping and maker culture. And Interior Life is exactly that: a holistic approach, a vision of the whole, a new way of looking at design that goes beyond the product and aims to improve the life of interiors. In this video, Troy talks to us about his vision of Interior Life.

The experimental approach proposed by Troy stimulated the students participating in the LAGO STUDIO workshop and led to the development of interesting designs. We asked the students to give their answers to point 6 of the Interior Life Manifesto, indicating their vision of design. And this is what they came up with:

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