LAGO STUDIO workshop with designers from Bucks University

Ten days ago, we welcomed a group of designers from Bucks University, who came to participate in the 2014 LAGO STUDIO workshop. This is the sixth year that Professor Lynn has brought her students to Italy to design side-by-side with the LAGO design team.


This year’s workshop brief was ‘What can we bring to the Lago Interior Life philosophy …?’ The young designers were asked to look beyond the product and focus on the people who would use it and on the interactions that design can generate.


For ten days, the Bucks students worked at the LAGO Community Table that we set up for the workshop in the LAGO FABBRICA showroom The table, literally conceived for promoting sharing, dialogue and interaction, acted as a frame for the creative dynamics of the LAGO STUDIO workshop.


To welcome the designers, we prepared an ethnic dinner with dishes as varied as the cultures they come from. In the kitchen, the designers also shared their experiences, culture and original way of seeing and interpreting things




And this is the added value LAGO STUDIO brings to the company: encounters between cultures and people with the common goal of designing interiors that improve people’s lives. Tons of interesting ideas came out of the workshop and the results are unquestionably positive. LAGO STUDIO is an experience that enriches the designers and each and every one of us! 

Best of luck, guys and see you next year, Professor Lynn!



Six years of LAGO STUDIO with Bucks University. Watch our video interview with Lynn Jones, who talks about how the collaboration with LAGO got started.





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