LAGO on view in Rome as an example of sustainability

A few months ago, the photographer Pippo Onorati stopped by LAGO because he wanted to photograph our company and present the photos in ‘Cambiamo clima! Gli eroi della terra‘, an exhibition dedicated to showing how ordinary people can work in a creative, innovative and socially useful way while respecting the environment around them.

Pippo Onorati is a Roman photographer, designer, director and journalist. Over the course of his professional career, he has worked with Oliviero Toscani and realised major photographic and communications projects for celebrities, publishers and big companies.

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The exhibition, which will open at MAXXI, then travel to Gianicolo and finally, from 6 June, be on permanent display at the Centro Elsa Morante, Rome, mixes the visions of professional photographers like Gianni Berengo Gardin and Francesco Zizola with those of photographers from Shoot4Change, a not-for-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to humanitarian photography.

mostra cambiamo clima

LAGO was chosen by Pippo Onorati for its philosophy, centred on the individual, and its search for a kind of sustainability that is not just environmental but also social. The LAGO FABBRICA (Lago Factory) is evidence of both, built in glass and wood and designed so that sunsets permeate the workspaces, as is Lean Production, which is focused on minimising waste, and projects like ‘An evolved industrial zone’ by Anna Scalfi Eghenter, which aim at revitalising the territory, and Art Waiting Room, a project that brings the value of art to time spent waiting.

lagofabbrica lagofabbrica lagofabbrica lagofabbrica lean production LAGO Wildwood tables

Pippo took the photos for this post while he was visiting the company. We are delighted to have been chosen, understood and expressed from an outsider’s view. It is confirmation that when design tries to transmit change, it often succeeds.

Download the exhibition catalogue.

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