Interview with Luca de Bona, designer of the Dangla chair

Today we meet Luca de Bona, designer of the Dangla chair. Luca took part in the 2010 edition of  LAGO STUDIO and he designed a chair that likes its clothes to fit like a glove, perfect for the living room and the kitchen. Enjoy!

Living Lago con sedia Dangla

What was the guiding concept for the design of Dangla?

I wanted a feminine chair: an elegant body to be dressed and undressed in a single gesture, as well as sturdy and cradling. But I also wanted a chair that could adapt to various contexts and times, not one that follows trends. I thought that designing a chair that meets all of my personal and aesthetic needs (including swinging) would make Dangla something that everyone could find one or more affinities with.

Sedia Dangla_4

Why did you decide to design specifically a chair?

In the history of furnishing, there have always been chairs. And, in a certain way, the chair has reflected the styles and uses of every age in its forms. More than any other piece of furniture, it has the task of being both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Designing this type of chair is a kind of challenge: I wanted to show how it is still possible to invent a chair that has never existed before and offer a timeless solution, a chair that is a little bit magical, one that changes its appearance with a single gesture and its shape with the weight of the body.

Sedia Dangla_3

The Dangla chair can be customised with three different fabrics. How important is it today to give the consumer the opportunity to create a personal design?

Today, people’s ways of living, travelling and working follow rhythms and habits that are increasingly heterogeneous and dynamic. This makes their taste more broad, aware and intermittent. They know design, but they want it to be flexibly adaptable to their own needs and environment. In this period of transformations, even the hierarchies of living and work space are undergoing unimaginable revolutions. Dangla perfectly satisfies its practical and ergonomic role, but thanks to its sinuous silhouette, it can also be either elegantly or casually ‘dressed’, becoming a chair for the kitchen, the living room or the office.


Which Dangla would you choose?

I live in a small house, with spaces distributed around a living area that functions are a place for eating, working, relaxing and getting together with friends. Around the big table, which acts as a hub for all of the main activities in my home, I would like six Dangla chairs, each dressed in a different way: fabric, leather, smooth, textured, with a zip and exposed stitching, so that each person can instinctively choose where to sit.

dangla chair

What do you think the fabric for the new millennium will be?

I imagine it will be a synthetic fabric, produced by a loom that combines tradition and cutting-edge technology: an ecological use of natural fibres interwoven with innovative, sustainable materials that can warm, illuminate and change colour but that is also easy for anyone to work with, embroider and customise according to their personal style and taste. We are projected towards the future, and this lets us achieve exceptional goals, but we are also human beings with ancestral sensory requirements to satisfy, as well as a congenital need to leave a trace through marks and decoration.

For more info about LAGO STUDIO and to apply for next workshop: The deadline to apply for the second workshop is 25th May.

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