LAGO @ Clerkenwell Design Week

From 20 to 22 May, we will be in London for Clerkenwell Design Week. LAGO will be present at this London design event in three locations: the Clerkenwell Press Room, where we are an official sponsor; the Design Addition area at the Crypt on the Green (underneath St James Church), Clerkenwell Close, where we have set up a lounge corner, and, finally, the courtyard of the Farmiloe Building, furnished with our Lastika chairs.

Something LAGO will be happening at each of these locations. On 21 May, at 6 p.m. in the Clerkenwell LAGO Press Room, ‘Interior Life Conversation‘, a roundtable discussion on the role and responsibility of contemporary interior designers. How can places for life and relationships be created that generate beauty and positively influence the lives of those who use them?

Press Lounge

Discussants will include Daniele Lago, chief executive of LAGO; Angelica Longo, architect and tenant of the Appartamento LAGO Alto Salento, Nigel Coates, architect and designer, and Charles Ganz – Managing Director of The moderator will be Virginio Briatore, journalist and design philosopher.

LAGO Press Lounge

On 22 May at 5 p.m., we will inaugurate the Dolcezza Bonhill coffee shop, a project developed together with 7Gr and located in the Shoreditch neighbourhood, London’s most arty and fashionable neighbourhood.

dolcezza bonhill by lago

Dolcezza Bonhill is part of the LAGO Inside initiative, which is focused on improving the experience of places through design. The space merges the best of Italian food and design culture and revolves around extra-long, welcoming ‘social’ tables that facilitate sharing and human interaction.

dolcezza bonhill

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