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Interview with Jennifer Rieker, designer of 3Dots Wallpaper

We met Jennifer Rieker at the first 2013 Lagostudio workshop. And this year she was the winner of the Lagostudio ‘Young Contest’. We were working on children’s rooms and asked the Lagostudio creatives to design some wallpaper for kids. Jennifer’s design, 3Dots Wallpaper, came in first. It is simple and amazing, just as design for children should be.

Jennifer Rieker

Hi Jennifer. How did you come up with the idea of 3Dots Wallpaper? Tell us more about the concept.

First I tried to remember the wallpaper that I had in my room when I was a child. It was completely white. But it had a kind of relief structure made of small dots. So to me as a child it was not only a white wall, I was discovering silhouettes like animals, people or objects in the random structure. Secondly I was inspired by an article I read about the fact that we tend to see faces in everything. The basic elements we need to recognize a face are two dots aligned horizontally over a nose or a mouth. This lead to the idea of the 3Dots wallpaper.

It’s a dotted pattern, in which you can find different animals by spotting the 3 black dots, which make the faces. So to adults it may be just a random pattern, but to children it can be a forest full of animals.

3Dots Wallpaper

Which aspects should be taken into account when designing for children?

Just ask them or ask yourself and remember what you liked or disliked when you where a child. Don’t take it too serious, design should make you smile.

Are there some needs that the designers or the companies do not have yet understood?

Design for children should be also adorable for adults. The best example would be a design that you want to have in your office or living room as well as in the kids room.

An essential fot the kids’ room?

A hide-away. A place in the room, that feels like your own tree house or cave. A place where you can hide, read or play, alone or with a friend.

How was your room when you were a child?

It was only 9m2, that’s why I had a loft bed. Underneath it was a space to hide or play with friends. The wallpaper was white, with a dotted relief and I had a wooden seagull hanging from the ceiling.

Camerette Lago

World Book Day: stop by Open, stand up and be counted

In celebration of reading and World Book Day, we are joining Open Milano in a campaign promoted by Città Invisibili: ‘Ci metto la faccia’ (‘I am standing up to be counted’).

Open Milano

From 23 to 30 April, book lovers can stop by any of the participating bookstores to stand up and be counted, shifting from invisible readers to visible ones.

How it works

1. Go to the nearest participating bookstore with your favourite book;
2. Put the book very close to your face;
3. Take a picture;
4. Choose a sentence from your book.

The bookseller will upload your photo to the ‘Ci metto la faccio’ section of together with your information and the sentence you picked from the book.

Ci metto la faccia Ci metto la faccia

We are waiting for you at Open, Viale Montenero, 6 Milan.

If you are not in Milan, find the closest participating bookstore on this list.

città invisibili ci metto la faccia

Salone del Mobile – Day 1

13 locations, 70 events, 35 partners, 12 new products, 40 LAGO People, 3,160 sq. m. And a ton of energy!

These are our numbers for Salone 2014 and we will be keeping you up-to-date, day after day, from all of the LAGO hot spots in Milan. We have a widespread presence at the fair this year that expresses our new project: LAGO Interior Life.

LAGO Interior Life is the guiding concept that will be inspiring our work over the coming years and that seeks to generate empathy between the interior lives of each and every one of us and the life of the interiors we inhabit. Because the equation is simple: ‘If you spend your time in quality spaces, your quality of life will also be higher’.

Ambitious? Perhaps, but we like to think that our design can positively influence people’s lives, making them feel good, reducing conflicts at home and in the office, giving people the chance to be the designers of their own private living spaces.

This is why we have drafted an 11-point manifesto, leaving the sixth point blank. It is empty because we have left it for you to fill in. With your own energy.

Manifesto LAGO Interior Life

We are waiting for you here at the Salone, Pavilion 16 | Stand B25-C30; come and tell us about your point 6. In the meantime, here is a look at what’s new this year, for various areas of the home.






Bedroom LAGO




OFL_2434 copy

For more information about LAGO events and locations @ Milano Design Week 2014: