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Lago Object: announcing the Vita-Nova collection by Giovanni Scafuro

Giovanni Scafuro

After Filodolce by Giovanni Casellato, LAGO is continuing its search for design objects with an artisan soul, presenting Vita-Nova by Giovanni Scafuro.

The collection is made up of objects that at first were something else, cups, biscuit jars and sugar bowls, where the white, minimalist ceramic is perfectly balanced by the presence of a piece of silverware that acts as a handle, or old decorated plates that have been turned into jewellery or objects for the home.

We went to interview the artist: Giovanni Scafuro, an artisan from Milan who at a young age breathed in the air of Neapolitan bottegas, meeting ceramicists, smiths and carpenters, who taught him the art of making things by hand. Recycling and recuperation are a constant of his unending process of experimentation, as well as the point of departure for his Vita-Nova collection that, combining techniques and materials, gives new life to everyday objects.

Giovanni, you call yourself a handesigner … what is a handesigner?

The term handesigner is for me a different way of saying artisan, the person who designs, creates and experiments. It comes from the phrase ‘hand & sign’, where the ‘&’ stands for the Italian word for ‘and’, which is ‘e’, and therefore hand-e-sign becomes handesign. ‘Hand’ indicates the manual skill that always stands behind my work and ‘sign’ stands for experimental design, two concepts that I believe are essential for giving a soul to an object and making it unique.

How did you decide to become a handesigner?

In reality, it all came about by chance, around twenty years ago, moving from bottega to bottega among various Neapolitan artisans: Nicola, a master glass worker, the last in Naples to make artisan mirrors; Raffaele, a cabinet maker who can recognise a wood by its smell alone: Mario, a smith who doesn’t need a ruler for finding out the measurement of a pipe; Antimo, a ceramicist who makes vases with his eyes closed; Marcelllo, who makes Tiffany windows and with whom, over lunch, I designed anything and everything on pizza boxes; Gennaro, a painter who taught me how to look at colours … and many, many more. I learned from them both techniques, often traditional ones, and ways of looking at things from a different, unusual perspective. And I started making objects that, over the years, became increasingly technical and material, reusing something that already exists, things that are by now at the end of their life cycle.

What is the idea at the basis of your design?

Looking at things with fresh eyes, giving them a new direction and another life. Working with recycled materials, I am first inspired by the material, then I try to combine techniques, trying to create something new. I am often inspired by what has been ‘rejected’, things I find in flea markets or antique markets, and old stuff like fine porcelain plates that, once chipped, are considered trash. These things have not lost value for me, so I made a line of jewellery. While I transformed the old nickel silver cutlery instead into decorations for the house like centrepieces and lamps.

I have noticed that you have a huge passion for forks. Where does that come from?

The fork is the object I chose for focusing my experiments, both because metal is my favourite material, since it does not take a long time to work, like wood, ceramics or glass, and for its tie to everyday. I like seeing people smile when they realise I have used a fork for a piece of jewellery or turned one into a handle for an espresso cup. Seeing it with different eyes, it can often be astonishing, since it has a shape and use that we usually see as unchangeable.

Would you tell us about the collection you developed for Lago?

The Lago collection Vita-Nova uses objects that were at first something else, like white, minimalist ceramics (espresso cups, teacups, biscuit jars, sugar bowls), which are then perfectly balanced by the presence of a piece of cutlery turned into a handle. Or old decorated plates found at antique markets or flea markets and transformed into jewellery and objects for the home. What interests me more than reuse is the search for a new point of view, using the material in the best way possible, both for its technical characteristics and for its aesthetic angle.

Giovanni Scafuro al lavoro

Shoot, share and win @ Lagostore Paris Saint Germain

Inaugurazione Lagostore Paris

Shoot, share and win! Two years after the opening and on the occasion of Maison et Objet, the Paris event dedicated to furnishing that lights up Ville Lumière from 24 to 28 January, our single-brand store in Paris, Saint Germain is organising a contest dedicated to Lago design.

shoot share and win

Today, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., you can go to 197 Boulevard Saint Germain and play with the 36e8 system modules to create the composition of your dreams. Once you find the perfect one, take a picture of it and share it on the Lagostore social networks. The composition that receives the most likes will win an iPad Air.

moduli 36e8

The event will also be a chance to see the new Lago products, in particular the bathroom designs, developed over the last few years and presented in the recent bathroom catalogue.

LAGO Bathroom

We will be waiting for you to share a toast and thank you for the welcome you have shown us in Paris over the last two years. 

LAGO @ IMM Cologne 2014

After entering the German market last year through our participation in IMM Cologne, we are bringing LAGO design to Germany in 2014 as well. For this year’s stand, we chose a fresh, design-oriented approach with a special focus on the interior. We will be in Hall 3.2 – E009 D008, in the ‘Pure Edition’ area, where the central theme is interior design with a focus on the living area and bathroom.

We wanted our stand to be open and participatory, just like our design, and so we put a big Wildwood table right in the middle of it. Around this table, we built an alternation of solids and voids, alternating walls and spaces and leaving the two spaces corresponding to the table ends open. The result is a light, airy space and an invitation to take a seat at the long table to share projects and ideas.

Stand LAGO @ imm Koeln 2014

The invitation to social activity is reinforced by our decision to include a 36e8 island kitchen with a Wildwood counter, which will be the site of ‘show cooking’ events throughout the fair. The kitchen is paired with a N.O.W. pantry in shiny almond glass with exposed Miele appliances.

Showcooking @ Stand Lago imm Koeln 2014

On both sides of the central table, you can see and try out Lago products, like the suspended Et Voilà wardrobe, the Air sofa, the Slide bookshelf paired with a Slide carpet, the Morgana chest of drawers, the Air bookshelf, 36e8 storage with a Wildwood front, a colourful N.O.W. wardrobe and the patchwork Huggy armchair. Completing the settings are the Rooms, Curtains and Luci e Ombre wallpapers developed with Jannelli&Volpi and wall finishes designed with Oikos.

The bedroom area was designed externally though an installation that transforms the Slide flooring into a headboard for the Fluttua bed.

LAGO Bedroom

Naturally, after the recent release of our first Bathroom catalogue, we couldn’t leave out the bathroom: the Depth washbasin in Wildwood is complemented by 36e8 Slimtech panelling in fango (mud), designed with Lea Ceramiche.

LAGO Bathroom

Last but not least, something new: in addition to Filodolce by Giovanni Casellato, the LAGO Object collection has expanded to include ‘vita-nova’ by Giovanni Scafuro, a series of objects that were originally something else: cups, cookie jars and sugar bowls, where a piece of silverware acts as a handle or old decorated plates become jewellery or objects for the home.

vita-nova by giovanni scafuro