Lago Bathroom, the bathroom area has shed its skin

We are only at the beginning, but we are full of enthusiasm, learning quickly and looking to offer solutions that are fresh, courageous, fun and exciting. Just like your needs.

LAGO Bathroom

We started investigating the bathroom area two years ago, at the Salone del Mobile of 2011, presenting our first washbasins and redesigning the bathrooms of four private residences in Milan. That was the first stage of a project that, in the two years that followed, engaged us in long periods of research on the materials, shapes and ways of experiencing interiors and that led us to, as we expected, expand our product range to the point of covering every area of the house.

LAGO Bathroom

This was intense work, and thanks to our efforts we are now ready to present our first bathroom catalogue: 175 pages where surfaces, materials, objects and emotions mix to create an infinity of settings.

LAGO Interior

We have tried to create a catalogue for you that offers a ton of solutions for how to plan around your ideas about the bathroom area, the room where we strip away the stresses of the day and regenerate ourselves.

LAGO Bathroom

But we did not limit ourselves to designing only the products. Every room is a complete interior project that we are showing you starting from the worksite. This is because the bathroom is one of the rooms that is chosen first when one is building one’s house, and we liked the idea of showing it to you in ‘raw’ form.
In the opening pages, the bathrooms are presenting in the building phase, with floors covered in lime, workmen taking a break, their tools strewn about the floor.

Bathroom Catalogue


With the Lago collection, you can furnish the whole bathroom, from the tiles to the floor and find the perfect washbasin for your needs, as well as take advantage of the 36e8, LagoLinea and DiagoLinea systems and N.O.W. wardrobes to create functional, elegant laundry areas.

LAGO Laundry

You will find all of the washbasins presented at this year’s Salon: Depth, available in four finishes (Wildwood, Slimtech, resin and laminate), Steel, which can also be built into the Wildwood shelves, LagoLinea, which integrates perfectly with the system by the same name and, finally, Inbilico, Cellule and Basica, a new, simple and functional white washbasin.

Depth Basin

There are two interesting new entries in the LAGO Interior collection: Acua, an Asian-style pattern that we designed for the Skin washbasin, but also for bathroom panelling, and Fading, a collection of shaded tiles in Slimtech, 3.5 mm in thickness, that create lovely colour gradations.


These new designs and many more are to be found in our new Bathroom Catalogue. Look through it at your leisure and let us know what you think! Thanks.




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