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Design Travel Experience, the second Lago contest

After announcing the winners of the first LAGO contest, “Design is changing“, we are ready to set sail for a new season of design.

The second Lago contest, “Design Travel Experience – Win the world of Lago and fly to one of the great cities of design“, is offering you a full-fledged design-world experience. The grand prize is a trip to the European design capital of your choice among those of the package. But that’s not all. You can also be an instant winner of an object from Giovanni Casellato’s Filodolce collection or a €500 gift card, to be used for buying the Lago product you have had your eye on.

Contest Lago Design Travel Experience


One Boscolo Gift “Weekend Art & Culture – Metropoli Cult” package, including 2 nights for 2 people at a 4 or 5-star design hotel in a double room, breakfast included. Also included: a contemporary art experience in one of the city’s design museums or a city tour. Finally, the winner of the Trip package will receive a Boscolo Card, to be used for purchasing airline tickets.

7 €500 gift cards, spendable at any participating Lago retail location and with no minimum spending limit, for bringing home the Lago design of your dreams.

60 LAGO Objects from the Filodolce collection: 20 Spherical Magazine Racks, 20 Medium Vases and 20 Fruit Baskets. Take a look at them here.


Go to the website and fill out the form: you will immediately receive an email with a voucher. Print this voucher or keep it on your smartphone or tablet, and present it at a participating store, where you will be given a contest postcard and find out if you are an instant winner of a gift card or an object from the Filodolce collection.

> If you win one of our instant prizes, go to the website and fill out the form in order to receive your prize.

> Even if you are not an instant winner, you can still participate in the final draw for the design capital weekend by filling out the form at the website and sending your information, including the code that you will find on the contest postcard.

Read the complete rules and regulations here.

Good luck!

Eight good reasons to download the LAGO Bedroom app

Starting today, we are in the Apple Store, too. Our first app is dedicated to the bedroom area and is available, for now, in an iPad version.

lago bedroom app

While exploring it, you will discover the surprise of sleeping suspended among the clouds or resting your head on the trunk of a tree. You can open and close the Lago wardrobes or lose yourself among the trees in the clothes closets. But you can also look for the bed that best suits your needs in terms of taste and size, and learn how to mix products, interior, materials and colours to create the bedroom of your dreams.

If that is not enough, here are eight good reasons to download the LAGO Bedroom app:

1. Complete catalogue

In the LAGO Bedroom app, you will find the complete paper catalogue, including all of the compositions and technical information. This way you can easily see the entire LAGO bedroom collection and choose your favourite products at your leisure.

2. Products shown in room compositions

Finding the product that you liked so much and saw in that magazine or the window of that shop is easier with the LAGO Bedroom app. For each composition, clicking on the ‘F’ (Furniture) and ‘I’ (Interior) icons will display the names of all of the products shown: from systems and individual pieces to wallpaper and flooring.

Nomi prodotti Lago

3. Virtual Tour

Would you like to see what it feels like inside a Lago bedroom? Thanks to ’3D’ functionality, you can take a virtual tour and visit different rooms that change in mood and interior, finding the one that best suits your personality.

3D Virtual Tour

4. One product, so many compositions

With the ‘Scroll’ function, you can see different versions of the same product or the different available sizes. This way you have a few extra ideas for planning your bedroom.


scroll composizioni

5. How LAGO products work

LAGO design is always surprising, from fabric wardrobes to dress up in stripes or solid colours to clothes closets that seem like forests of trees. There are lots of animations in the LAGO Bedroom app that explain how the products work and about their modularity.

6. Share the products you like with your friends

If you like a composition or a product, you can show it to your friends on Facebook directly from the app.

7. Lago for you

Do you want more information or help with planning? Clicking on ‘Lago for you’, you will be taken directly to the site dedicated to Lago services, where you can ask the store in your area for information about a product, an inspection or an in-store consultation.

8. Mini-games

Apps are also about play. We have included interactive mini-games in the LAGO Bedroom app, so you can build your own LagoLinea bookshelf or ‘touch’ the Soft Bench to see how we softened the wood.

lagolinea app

We would really like to know what you think about the new app. Leave a post comment or send us a  tweet at @lagoitalia.

LAGO Open, an entirely new kind of space

Open Milano

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a place where you could read comfortably on a lovely, colourful sofa or relax while surfing the Internet for free on a tablet, but also rent a co-working space, get a bite to eat and buy books and furniture? Starting 20 November, there will be just such a place. In Milan, at Via Monte Nero, 6.

We are talking about “LAGO Open more than books”, an entirely new kind of retail project that revolutionises the traditional idea of the showroom, flanking the classic function of sales with social significance, right in line with today’s needs. What today’s consumers want are increasingly experiential and multi-sensorial spaces that gather in a single space various dimensions of life: working, eating, getting information, etc.

Like Appartamento LAGO also this space included in “Open, more than books” project, with whom we are partners, represents a place where you can breathe in culture, get inspired, talk with other professionals and, at the same time, directly experience our products, without intermediation.

You can see the LAGO collection in a real context and a dedicated professional will be available to assist with the selection and planning of your rooms with LAGO.

And that is not all. In a 1000 metre square space, completely furnished with our products, it will be possible to reserve conference rooms, rent co-working spaces, buy books or look through them while relaxing on an AIR sofa, surf the Internet for free and try out Apps recommended by the digital librarian … and also write, eat or simply think while seated at the 20-metre-long Wildwood table.

In today’s frenetic world, open but protected spaces like Open are like islands that make life easier and let you save time, take a break in solitude or with others, without worry in a comfortable, vibrant setting.

We look forward to seeing you at the opening, which will take place on Wednesday 20 November, at 6 p.m in via Monte Nero 6, Milan. We would like to hear what you think about the space, so send us a tweet @lagoitalia sharing your thoughts.

If you want to give a contribution to the project, you can make a donation to sustain it. 

Carrer Avinyó by David Kohn is the best interior design project of 2013

INSIDE has just drawn to a close, the international festival of interior design held every two years in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

We are fascinated by the world of interior design, so much so that we have a collection dedicated to it, LAGO Interior, and a project, LAGO Redesigner, which has the aim of building a community of professionals dedicated to creating new living spaces.

The winner of the INSIDE Festival ‘Best Interior Design of 2013′ was ‘Carrer Avinyó’, a flat remodelled by the David Kohn Architects firm in Barcelona. The flat is a holiday home belonging to two brothers originally from that city but now living in Hong Kong.

We liked the project because it unites the world of architecture with that of interior design, weaving a dialogue between interior and exterior, between the home and the city.

carrer avinyo internal view

Located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, the apartment is on the upper floor of a corner building with a triangular plan. Two characteristics that led the development of the interior design.

carrer avinyo david kohn external view

The internal transversal walls, which originally divided the spaces, were knocked down to create a large corner room that exalts the triangular plan. And the triangle itself is the shape that serves as the base module for the mosaic floors, designed in twenty-five variants by David Kohn and produced by Mosaici Martí, who were also the suppliers for Antonio Gaudí. For the concept of this project, the English architect was inspired by the triangular shape of nearby Plaça George Orwell, creating a dialogue between interior and exterior that pays homage to Barcelona.

pattern pavimento

The colours of the flooring pass gradually from red to green, each identifying the private rooms of the two residents. The colours converge and mix beneath the table placed in front of the large windows that open onto the street, which functions as the social focal point of the home. 

pavimento mosaico

The bedroom area is a little city within the house, a wooden tower inspired by a 1950s block of flats designed by the Spanish architect Josep Antoni Coderch nearby in the Barceloneta Quarter. The large wooden furnishings contain the bedrooms, which are connected to the bathrooms by black steel suspended shelving.


The chair of the Inside jury, designer Nigel Coates, explained that the decision to award the prize to Carrer Avinyó was based on the project’s magical quality and the way in which it stimulates curiosity.