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Radiobici, Maurizio Guagnetti’s interview of Daniele Lago

As we promised you last July, here is the video of the interview of Daniele Lago conducted by Maurizio Guagnetti, a Radio 105 journalist, while pedaling through the streets of Milan.


The interview is part of the Radiobici project, for which Appartamento Lago is a sponsor, considering the initiatives’ common values, like culture, sharing and sustainability. And given the travel theme that unites them both: one a journey through the outdoor spaces of Italy, the other a journey through the indoor spaces.

Appartamento Lago Bergamo

Daniele talks about how to grow in times of crisis, designing and producing sense, reopening the question of and rebuilding our Italian identity.

Happy viewing!

Transcription of Maurizio Guagnetti’s interview of Daniele Lago

Daniele Lago: For me, it is fundamental to produce meaning through every action …

Maurizio Guagnetti: And so, Daniele, what does thinking positively mean, doing business in Italy today?

Daniele Lago: For us, it means putting the individual back in the centre.

M: And when they ask you what Lago does, what is your answer?

D: We are trying to reduce the number of divorces, because we think that design is a kind of tool
for improving our impact on the world, for helping it change for the better. If you are talking to me
about atoms and matter … we are making furnishings, we are making furniture, we are exploring
new design frontiers from every point of view. Lago has always tried to build its path on a concept
of transparency and authenticity. We have tried to find new ways of getting the Lago product seen
and we thought that real homes could be an interesting driver, we invite regular people to open
up their personal living spaces … and they become for a year and a half or two years a kind of
ambassador for the brand in the city. Doing business today, especially in Italy, is a venture with a
capital V. In reality, we are growing even in Italy this year … we are growing probably because we
have focused on a series of factors that have proved to be significant.

M: But is this a kind of growth tied to the fact that luxury is growing in Italy or is it something

D: Beyond the fact that we do not position ourselves so high up, I have always sought out, in
the Lago path and process, an extremely noteworthy value-for-money relationship. I believe that
design needs to be concerned with an always increasing number of people, not an exaggerated
niche. La Dolce Vita is dead! What we need is to reinvent what it means to be Italian and also La
Dolce Vita.

M: And so a new way of being Italian?

D: Absolutely yes. We already have an advantage starting out, since, in my view, we have the
fortune of having a great deal of energy, but we really need to put back into motion and reopen
discussion about a lot of things. It is fundamental that there is support from all of the institutions
and a strong will to establish which three adjectives for Italy are the ones that need to be used to
attract. Planet Italy has great workmanship, a great capacity for craftsmanship … and so we are
creating start-ups that put bits and atoms into agreement, but we are trying to keep the atoms
in mind, since otherwise there is a risk of creating a parallel layer that, I think, would be a losing
venture, since creating a Silicon Valley in Italy is unlikely. In the last ten years, sustainability has
taken on a meaning that is almost always tied to environmental impact. I have a broader vision
of the measure in which the whole theme of sustainability is applied on a wide scale: human,
economic, environmental sustainability cannot however be relegated to a human aspect of the
human. In fifteen years of experience with Lago, or twenty, I have developed the idea that when
you work on projects, if these projects have even just a minimal balance between brain, heart
and instinct, they will work. This means that the human being needs X number of things and
sustainability needs X number of things. I am not enamoured with the cultural foundations of
businesses, because I believe that it is a little bit the PLC that need to be a cultural foundation.
It is useless if on one path I don’t look anything or anyone in the face and on another produce
culture. Returning to the theme of the Expo, I believe that there, too, what is needed is an Expo
more connected to processes than to seeing the statement of returns. I believe that what is
needed is a path where one puts into motion a mechanism of change. I was really struck by a
headline on the cover of the magazine for the Pistoletto foundation, which said: “We need to
change our way of changing”. It is in this nuance that the Expo can become an opportunity or one
among many failures.

LAGO and Listone Giordano at the Made Expo

The MADE Expo, an event dedicated to architecture, design and building, will take place from 2 to 5 October. This year, we are participating as a partner of Listone Giordano, together with Jannelli&Volpi and Oikos.

Invito Made

The booth, jointly designed by Daniele Lago and Listone Giordano, clearly communicates the interior design collaboration between the four companies: a central corridor with a long Air Wildwood table, which was also a protagonist at the 2013 Salone del Mobile, speaks of a real sharing of knowledge and expertise, while the four rooms (kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom) express creative encounters between flooring, coverings and furniture.

The collaboration with Listone Giordano is one of the many elements of the “Lago Interior” project, which has been one of our major focuses and for which we have worked hard, wanting to provide the user with a planning system where objects and interior fit together and the accent is on the whole rather than on the individual product.

The message we want to send is that design can little by little be an instrument of social change, and we like that, for once, Italians are able to work together as a team.

During the Expo, the Lago Appartamento at Via Brera, 30 will be exclusively open to industry professionals, to whom we will present the details of our Lago Redesigner project, the new Appartamento Lago Real Estate initiative and our first Bathroom catalogue.

Skin Basin

All of the products designed by Lago and present at MADE are, however, already available throughout our entire distribution network. Discover them here.

CERSAIE 2013, Depth Basin Special Edition

A fresh reassessment of the Depth basin, integrated with a 4-metre Air Wildwood table. This is the design conceived exclusively for the Listone Giordano booth at CERSAIE. Created by Daniele Lago, it offers a teaser of Lago’s first Bathroom catalogue, which will be available in October.

Tavolo Air Wildwood con lavabo Depth integrato

With this collaboration, LAGO is further reinforcing its synergy with Listone Giordano, the complement of which can be found at the MADE EXPO, in a booth jointly designed by Listone Giordano and Daniele Lago.

A wide range of new ideas and solutions for the bathroom, which is the perfect space for developing the “LAGO Interior” project. In the catalogue, you will find the new basins presented at the 2013 Salone and LAGO mirrors and lighting. Refined, special settings where surfaces, materials, objects and emotions combine in perfect balance and in accordance with each individual’s sensibility. A way of understanding design that puts objects and interiors in tune and lets you design a space for wellness according to your own needs.




The evolution of Lago kitchens

The kitchen has an evocative power like no other room in the house, since it is connected to the sense of smell, the most atavistic of the five senses. It is the beating heart of the home, the centre of conviviality.


We designed our first kitchens in 2008, starting from the 36e8 module, our basic building block: a 36.8×36.8 square that makes a vast range of compositions possible.

A module as innovative as it is atypical in the kitchen, which gave rise to a new aesthetic language completely counter to the tradition of multiples of 15 or 30 cm, dimensions suited for built-in household appliances.

Using that module, we had fun creating trees, clouds and lobsters: we played with abstract language as well as figurative. But most of all we made it possible for everyone to build their own kitchen, mixing containers, depths, finishes and colours.

lago alberi e nuvole

A possibility that has been enriched over time with new materials, like Wildwood, which is perfect for kitchen counters: this is a material that is especially important to us, since it is authentic and full of warmth and in the kitchen it acquires even more of a history, since the more it is used, the more it has to say about life, conviviality and sharing.

And then there is the Weightless system, which makes it possible to hang cupboards from the ceiling, and which can be used to create intriguing and functional islands in the centre of the room.

Cucina 36e8 Wildwood

Over these five years, we have also dedicated ourselves a great deal to the organisation of space, to offer an effective response to the needs and movements of cooking, studying ergonomics and enriching the base cabinets, wall cabinets and N.O.W. pantry with practical, elegant accessories, drawers and pull-out columns

Accessori cucina Lago


In addition to glass panels, we have recently introduced lacquer, in order to offer consumers a kitchen designed first and foremost with functionality in mind.

But we were still not satisfied. The Interior Project completed the room with flooring, tiles, wall finishes and wallpaper that are in perfect dialogue with the 36e8 kitchen. A collection that we wanted to create since the more harmonious and coherent design, the more it improves life.


There are lots of other small characteristics of our pieces that help simplify life, such as push-pull openings and base cabinets that open at a touch.

Want to find out about the others? Step into our kitchen!

Design September in Paris and London

Summer is over and you already feeling struck by a light melancholy spreading below the surface? Shake off, together with the sand, your longing for open spaces and that slightly wild freedom; September is a month rich in interesting events for design lovers, and in London and Paris at that, two places very worth visiting, so why not mix the useful with the delightful and plan a pre-autumn mini-escape?

Let’s start with Paris, which this month is turning into a Babel of objects, languages and people, thanks to Maison et Objet, the Paris “Salon” dedicated to interior design, which you can visit until 10 September (hurry!), and Paris Design Week, from 9 to 15 September, a week where everyone can immerse themselves in design, including “passionate non-professionals”, the simply curious and passing tourists.

Also on the calendar of events is this intriguing exhibition: “LuxInside – le tracce dell’uomo” (LuxInside – The Traces of Humankind), showing what lies beyond the surface of luxury objects. Through a technique that combines photography and radiography, 14 luxury icons are revealed in their essence, showig the substance concealed behind the appearance. Louboutin shoes, the Hermès saddle, Les Paul’s Gibson electric guitar and the Leica camera are just some of the works on view at the Grand Palais, Salon Révélation, from 11 to 15 September.


On the other side of the Channel, from 14 to 22 September, the British are answering with London Design Festival and 100% design (18-21 September). For refreshment, try Jamie Oliver’s temporary restaurant, Barbecoa, featuring a menu dedicated to those who love smoky flavours and a space designed in collaboration with Modus at Design Junction, which is again this year freely opening the doors of the Sorting Office on New Oxford Street to Visa cardholders.

barbecoa by jamie oliver temp

We will stop there with our suggestions, but we would love to hear yours. While you are wandering around the design events in Paris and London, why not let us know which products catch your attention most, sending a tweet with a photo to @lagoitalia? We are anxiously awaiting your point of view.

And then, since you are already there, our Lagostores in Paris, Saint-GermainSentier and Bastille, as well as those in London, Islington and Baker Street, are open all day.

Happy design!