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Marco Rainò, design angel for the second Lagostudio workshop

The Lagostudio workshop is drawing to a close. They were intense weeks, during which the young designers first worked on product design and then on retail.

Leading them on this adventure was Marco Rainò, an architect interested in experimentation and contamination between different disciplines, including architecture, graphic design and design.

marco rainò

Marco founded his architecture firm, BRH+, with Barbara Brondi in 2002, and also works on, among other things, exhibitions and installations, as well as art direction for interior design publications.

Today was feedback day, following a week during which the young designers worked on a theme specially selected by Marco: the shop window, a key retail element, especially for the possibilities it opens up for communicating with the public.

feedback lagostudio

In this interview, he talks about why he accepted Lago’s invitation and the brief he gave to the designers.

Comparison: the key concept of the second Lagostudio workshop

Yesterday at LAGO, we welcomed the designers participating in the second Lagostudio workshop, which will be held from 15 to 26 July. It is a very heterogeneous group that, this time around, spans six countries of origin: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Russia and Colombia. These different provenances did not, however, not keep them from getting to know each other in a hurry, overcoming linguistic and social barriers, and quickly getting into tune.

What is immediately striking about this second group of designers is that, beyond their different backgrounds, they share a common language, or better, two: interest in design and the ability to work with others. 

As soon as they set foot in the building, they scattered throughout the showroom to touch, check out and test LAGO design. It was great to see this interest in functionality, materials and surfaces, since the role of the designer should not be just about designing drafts of imagined products detached from reality, but also encountering real needs and meeting them. And one understands real needs by putting oneself in the shoes of the user, getting tactile experience of a product, maintaining in the design phase a certain degree of adherence to the physical reality of the object.

After a tour of the Lagofabbrica to see the production line up close, the designers were given a brief and, unexpectedly, they decided to work together as a group, focusing on various brainstorming activities. The sharing, exchange, dialogue and participation are palpable. A continuous comparison that perfectly embodies that values that gave rise to Lago. 

lagostudio group

One of the designers selected for the second Lagostudio workshop is also the winner of the 2013 ADI-FAD Medal (Spanish Association for Industrial Design), awarded each year to newly-graduated young designers.

Through a collaboration between LAGO and ADI-FAD launched last year, the first-place winner of the competition is offered a place in one of the Lagostudio summer workshops. The initiative is another clear expression of the company’s commitment to contamination, staying open to external stimuli and attracting fresh, unadulterated creativity.

gennis senen

As a young designer, I know that these days it is very hard to find businesses and institutions that are truly seeking new talent,” explains Gennís Senen, the winner of the 2013 ADI-FAD Medal, “and that is why I am so thankful to ADI-FAD, which organizes competitions that give value to our work and help to make us known, and to LAGO, for giving us the chance to demonstrate – concretely – what we are capable of.

The Design Angel for this Lagostudio group will be Architect Marco Rainò, of studio BRH+, who we will interview next week and with whom we will investigate interior themes that spring from the concept of home.


Appartamento Lago and Radiobici

Culture, sharing and sustainability are values that have been inscribed in the LAGO DNA from the very beginning. And so when we met Maurizio Guagnetti, a Radio 105 journalist, it was natural for us to support his Radiobici project and recognise its closeness to our Appartamento LAGO project.

The reason? Travel. Appartamento LAGO is a project that involves diverse places and people, creating new connections, but it is also a journey through the interiors of Italy, from north to south and east to west. Each house has a unique personality, shaped by that of those who live there.

apt treviso

Radiobici, instead, is a journey through exteriors, in search of the beauty of the places visited, but from an unusual perspective. It is a trip across Italy with the aim of telling the stories of those who try, every day, to create value in spite of the economic crisis. And do it in a sustainable way.

Appartamento LAGO and Radiobici also share the participatory approach and desire to transform culture involving the whole country and all of its social groups.

Radiobici Massimo Guagnetti

Maurizio Guagnetti gets from one place to the next using ecological means: a bicycle. This strikes us as the perfect next chapter after Giacomo de Stefano’s Man on the river project, a sustainable adventure along the rivers of Europe.

With the interviewee pedalling on his bike, which is set up in a special way to accommodate guests, Maurizio interviewed mayors, philosophers, writers, athletes and contemporary personalities between March and July. The Radiobici spiritual guide is Philippe Daverio, who you can listen to in this video, talking about medieval Milan.

On Monday, 29 July, at 3 pm, after a visit to the Appartamento LAGO at Via Brera 30 in Milan, it will be Daniele Lago’s turn to make himself comfortable on the bike and start pedalling.

We will keep you informed. In the meantime, you can follow all the other legs of the trip.

Air Wildwood, a table with a soul

When we buy something, we rarely think about the process that led to its creation. We are so busy choosing the shape, matching the colours, figuring out whether or not the measurements are right for our homes that we forget to dig deeper.

Often, companies do not help to fill this gap, since they are generally not concerned with communicating the process, just the final product. For example, what motivates a company to produce one product instead of another? How many hours are needed to produce it? And how many prototypes were drafted before arriving at the final version?

Let’s consider the Air Wildwood table. It took 22 models to arrive at the definitive prototype and 120 hours to design and engineer it, but we liked the idea of adding old-wood to the collection … it is almost as if we picked up a big log washed up by the sea onto the beach and used it to make tables, shelves, beds …

Air wildwood_table

Every Wildwood Air table is unique, with its own wood grain and soul. And then wood is a material that expresses truth, emotion and time.

Time. This is the component that measures how much care goes into the creation of something.

And if we told you that the production of your Wildwood table lasted 12 hours and required the passion of 5 artisans? Perhaps you would be able to get an idea of how much attention and experience was put into it by those who made it.

lavorazione wildwood

 But the Air Wildwood table is more. It is a table with a memory, a product that acquires history little by little as it is used, where even the smallest scratch, due to use, communicates something about the life taking places all around it. A table that invites sharing.

I’ll give you some of the numbers. And, why not, also the chance to win one of your own, participating in the Lago contest ”Design is changing”. Just click here!

numeri tavolo air wildwood

Odoardo Fioravanti: Lagostudio Design Angel

After the creative journey undertaken with Matteo Ragni and Setsu Ito, this year Lagostudio invited Odoardo Fioravanti to be the “Design Angel” for its first summer workshop.

Odoardo was very pleased to accept our proposal, as he explained in this video interview:

Until 5 July, the Lagostudio designers will thus be able to enjoy the professionalism, time and experience of one of the most interesting Italian designers on the Italian and international scene, winner of the Compasso dʼOro 2011 with the Frida chair, produced by Pedrali.

lagostudio odoardo fioravanti

It will be a unique experience for ten professionals, selected from around 200 candidates and coming from a range of cities in Italy and beyond (Belgium, Germany and Spain), who will work on a brief conceived by Odoardo Fioravanti himself.

The departure point is the journey that has led Lago, in recent years, to educate consumers, inspiring them to unleash their own creativity in the home thanks to our modular and innovative products and systems. This will be the students’ starting point for seeking out new paradigms that can provide increasingly evolved tools for thinking freely about the home.