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The Appartamento wins the Adecco Prize

This time a prize goes not to one of our products, but to a project we hold dear: The Appartamento Lago. Last Friday, Diego Paccagnella, the creator and Art Director of the project, collected the Adecco Prize at the Festival delle Città Impresa in Asolo, awarded to Lago S.p.A. “for having developed an innovative use of Design”.


The first Appartamento was opened two years ago on via Tortona, 21 in Milan. It was exclusively furnished with Lago products and the staff – 13 people – lived there throughout the entire duration of the Salone. The days were lived out with the doors wide open and the first visitors began to climb the stairs and enter (sometimes asking “may I?”, confused by the unusual combination of public and private). From there the flow has continued without interruption…Tortona, Brera followed. Then Venice, Riccione, Bologna, Turin, Bergamo…in short, thousands of visitors, events of every kind, countless words and numerous photos, videos and articles even though few, at the beginning, really understood the complexity of the project.

It was for this reason that the decision was made to publish, with Corraini Editore, the book, “Lago Appartamento”. To explain in 180 pages the ideas and reasoning behind the concept, to create a text that could also be a manifesto for a project with the ambition of activating a change in the meaning of creativity and design. In this matured the strong desire to bet on a vision: to create a network of apartments in which people can meet, get to know and converse with one another. A network of homes where one breathes culture, where one creates energies capable of giving life to creative social change.

Commentary of Diego Paccagnella, Creative Director of Lago S.p.A.: “The awarding of a prize like the Adecco becomes a truly important occasion for reflection on what has already been achieved and what can still be explored with the Appartamento. It is my hope that this prize can offer a moment of satisfaction to all those who contributed and continue to contribute to its fulfillment (and there are many, among Lago staff, professionals, creatives and tenants). Above all I hope that this can be an occasion for reinforcing the conviction that we are all taking part in a project that does not die out but that continues to flourish though the creativity of every single participant. I believe that the Appartamento is a choral project, that it manifests its uniqueness through the plurality of voices involved each and every day!“.

adecco prize

Il Adecco prize 2011

Adecco Prize 2011 – The prize for 2011 is dedicated to Education. The dynamism of ideas is by now a state of necessity and not a fancy dress for openings that count. Education is its motor force, since this orients man, leaving him versatile, leading him to seek the perfect move while accepting limits and balances he might not have wanted. Education is the flexible receptor in each one of us. The forbidden fruit that it represents is therefore a fluid body, ready to to redefine itself in service of the stimuli it receives.