Monthly Archives: April 2011

Design according to LAGO

A few days ago, Cristina Morozzi, an important industry journalist, conducted a telephone interview with Daniele Lago and reported what he revealed to her in an interesting article published in the La Repubblica Business & Finance insert on 4 April.

As ever Daniele did not forget his origins, which not only shaped him but which also determined his challenges, such as how lead the company beyond its identity as a family business.

And so the quill of the celebrated journalist traces the cardinal points that define the meaning of “design according to Lago”. Cristina Morozzi did not limit herself to speaking simply of communication, business organization and distribution, but rather her point of view allows the profound significance that is attributed to it to emerge. You will read therefore of dialogue, of culture and of creativity but also of heart, of dreams, of passion and of craziness – elements that delineate and constitute the Lago soul.

If the article is not enough for you or serves to further stimulate your curiosity, this year’s Design Week Milan will be an excellent occasion to enter directly in contact … stop by for a visit. We are waiting for you!!!!! ; )