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Appartamento LAGO, what’s happening?

If you want to visit a LAGO Appartamento, it’s really quite simple: just figure out which one is closest, make an appointment with the tenant, and you’re there! To this end, taking a peek online you can see that there are tons of opportunities to check out the by now famous living showroom.


But what exactly is going on in the Appartamenti?

Each calendar of events is chock full of cooking classes, discussions, and shows that become more than anything else perfect occasions for meeting new people, coming up with ideas and projects, and forming partnerships. In sum, it’s a different way of living life at home and our tenants are ably setting a shining example. By now they have become real PR professionals, with their constantly changing agendas. And so, for all of those who can’t stay glued to the Internet to keep themselves updated, I decided to take stock and see what’s fermenting in the Appartamento project.

Do you want to get into the kitchen to express your inner chef? Tuesday, March 15 was the inauguration of 4 themed events at the Venice Appartamento in which Martino di Stefano, a chef from Treviso, will lead you through the flavorful and colorful culinary world.

cooking class

If you were in Turin and missed the Lighting Design event, you will have another chance to schedule a walk through the city of gianduiotto. On Friday, March 25th, in fact, Marco’s office-home will be transformed into a stage where poetry and music mix to create a truly entertaining evening of live performance. But it doesn’t end there: Tuesday, March 29, again at Via Massena 25, will be the inauguration of the video art project, Pontepolo…here, you can see what it is about!

Following the stunning success of Anna’s tigelle, last Wednesday afternoon in the Appartamento of Bologna was spent in the kitchen, where the tenant’s mamma revealed the ABCs of Bolognese cooking … the participants returned home still licking their fingers!

In Milan, everything is upside down, really. In honor of the famed Milan Design Week, the Appartamento will get a whole new look. But the rubble and scaffolding did not stop our valiant tenants, who, last Wednesday, temporarily switched to a space on the ground floor of Via Brera no. 30 and hosted Cyberdomus on the occasion of the Digital Experience Festival. Now they will take a break to get ready for Fuorisalone … be sure not to miss it!!!

Et dulcis in fundo, coming soon to your screens will be the inauguration of the Appartamento in Bergamo. Marta and Fabio have already begun keeping a diary of the work in progress … In the meantime, if you want to get to know the next tenants who will open their doors to you, you will find a brief presentation in the Appartamento blog. For the rest, stay tuned!

Appartamento Bergamo

Creativity is “woman”

For the holiday on March 8th, we paid homage to the female world, remembering the event memorialized by International Women’s Day for the past 100 years, and especially the social, political, and economic conquests achieved by women, the discrimination and violence they have suffered and that many women unfortunately still suffer today.

The situation has certainly improved and women are taking an ever more active role in every field of life. The worlds of art and design also benefit from their positive influence.
In the world of art, the female figure has long represented an inspiring muse for the work of many painters, sculptors, musicians, and artists. To think for even an instant of what Art would be without the female component is to comprehend the centrality of its role. But of course many women have known how to develop their own talent, becoming creators in the same artistic endeavor.

“Woman” is therefore also synonymous with creativity and we can’t not speak today of the women who have brought their creativity to LAGO:

Britt Leissler and her Huggy armchair, winner of the Good Design Award 2009

Nuša Jelenec and the Col-letto bed, winner of the Elle Decoration Design Awards 2010

and Monica Graffeo with the Steps B bed, selected for Adi Index 2009

But that’s not all… Design Conversations, the first Italian corporate blog in the furnishings sector, is today managed primarily by women! In just the last few days, the women of the Marketing Office planned the publication of the contents of the Blog and the Community. Female students from Iaad who are very interested in the world of Web Design were also active participants in the meeting.

A salute to the women of the world in honor of this special day!

LAGO and the floods

The passage of the old year to the new one is always a moment for taking stock of what has come to pass: goals reached and projects carried out.
Taking a few steps backward, one cannot forget the flood that hit our region in the first days of November and that, given the proximity, brought Lago to make its own contribution. Acting quickly, in mid-November we decided to put ourselves into play, going straight to one of the worst-hit areas in order to offer our help. We rolled up our sleeves and threw ourselves into the work: we dismantled furniture, cleaned the walls and floors of flooded houses and businesses, collected and sorted material to distribute to affected residents.

unloading furniture

Coming into contact with certain realities, we were inspired to not limit ourselves to a single contribution, to the day that saw us in operation, but to help these people with a longer term goal. And so was born the AnGeLO project.

The Masiero family

Through the parish of Casalserugo and the municipality of Vicenza we obtained a list of the names of some families in extreme difficulty to whom LAGO would provide furnishings and, with all of us contributing, all that which would be needed to return them to their daily life: dishes, curtains, sheets, covers, etc.
We wanted to involve as many of our clients and suppliers as possible in this initiative: already two of our clients located close to the flooded areas, in the areas around Padua and Vicenza, had confirmed their availability for collaborating with us.
On 18 December we gave an “official” start to this project and armed with screwdrivers and hammers we assembled some furniture…only a start, but as one knows, “he who makes a good start is halfway finished”.