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LAGO Appartamento Opening in Turin

And with Turin there are five. Five LAGO hot spots in five cornerstone cities and all open beginning with the first in April 2010: Milan-Brera, Venice, Bologna, Riccione and…now Turin! The opening of the fifth LAGO Appartamento – on via Massena 25 in Turin – was a huge success and the event was followed closely by the press even before Saturday, 15 January, the day of the opening. Just think that, yesterday (and so the morning after the opening), the tenant, Marco, was already invited to give a talk about the project and his experience as a tenant.

marco crepaldi

But how did the evening go? Let’s say it was characterized by lots of cheer, serious and not-so-serious talk and the fusion cooking of Nori Muramatsu (a Japanese chef from Piedmont), in collaboration with Nao, the tenant’s girlfriend…here they are at work, preparing sushi and tea for the guests.

nao and nori, japanese cooks

Excellent sushi, I must say. And it was devoured without restraint by the guests who came and went and exited and entered the Appartamento throughout the whole evening. I tasted only two pieces of maki (sob, sob), but they were truly exquisite! Just to give you an idea of the attack on the sushi…

sushi attack

The Appartamento stayed open until 10pm. The last guests made their exit around 1am! A busy evening, but very fun…you can take a look at what happened in the slide show below…

There was even a conjurer, Gian Vito Svito, who left everyone amazed! I admit I tried to cheat, to trip him up, but I did not succeed! He always guessed the card I had fished out without seeing it…

In sum, a grand evening! Marco has already put the photos online, those of the professional photographer naturally…Take a look!

Until next time.

LAGO and the floods

The passage of the old year to the new one is always a moment for taking stock of what has come to pass: goals reached and projects carried out.
Taking a few steps backward, one cannot forget the flood that hit our region in the first days of November and that, given the proximity, brought Lago to make its own contribution. Acting quickly, in mid-November we decided to put ourselves into play, going straight to one of the worst-hit areas in order to offer our help. We rolled up our sleeves and threw ourselves into the work: we dismantled furniture, cleaned the walls and floors of flooded houses and businesses, collected and sorted material to distribute to affected residents.

unloading furniture

Coming into contact with certain realities, we were inspired to not limit ourselves to a single contribution, to the day that saw us in operation, but to help these people with a longer term goal. And so was born the AnGeLO project.

The Masiero family

Through the parish of Casalserugo and the municipality of Vicenza we obtained a list of the names of some families in extreme difficulty to whom LAGO would provide furnishings and, with all of us contributing, all that which would be needed to return them to their daily life: dishes, curtains, sheets, covers, etc.
We wanted to involve as many of our clients and suppliers as possible in this initiative: already two of our clients located close to the flooded areas, in the areas around Padua and Vicenza, had confirmed their availability for collaborating with us.
On 18 December we gave an “official” start to this project and armed with screwdrivers and hammers we assembled some furniture…only a start, but as one knows, “he who makes a good start is halfway finished”.