Monthly Archives: November 2010

Redesign Life: dreams can come true

And no, it’s not just a quote from Walt Disney! Here at the Lago Appartamento in San Gaetano magic really happens!

On Sunday, Guido and Paola paid us a visit. Guido is passionate about contemporary art and came to see the installation by Antonio Guiotto, an artist from Padua, whose exhibition at this location was curated by Fondazione March. What makes Lago special is precisely its relationship to art!

Here at Lago it is held to be true that art is one of those things that improves the business! And so for this occasion they asked Antonio to create an installation that would replace the usual information kiosk. Et voilà…magic!

Antonio succeeded in making furniture, packing boxes and seats talk…and to have the story of the company and the principles of its business philosophy told directly to them!

For Paola the true magic was instead of a different kind..for the first time she was able to make herself comfortable on the Huggy sofa to read a book and enjoy a moment of tranquility, while her husband did the housework!

With Lago literally anything is possible!