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It happened one hot July afternoon at Lago : Lean Office

On July 23, Lago hosted the first meeting of a cross-fertilization workgroup centered on Lean Office: and yeah, at Lago we are taking it seriously ! ;)

In our showroom, we gathered together a group of Venetian companies that use Lean methodology as one of their key tools for the improvement of company procedure. Our very special guest was Fondazione CUOA, represented by Franco Picone and Melania Frattini.

Cross-fertilization workgroup … a clearly complex concept – and difficult to focus on during a scorching July afternoon! – that nevertheless revealed itself to be of great interest to all of the participants.

After a brief introduction to the basic concept of Lean Office, and a description of the workgroups already underway at Lago by Nicola Aggujaro – our very own “Lago Lean Man” – we turned our attention to something we are all quite keen on: sharing stories to learn about the diverse realities present in participating companies.

It is always intriguing to hear about the strengths of other companies, and about how the ingenious solutions developed at one business can be successfully applied at a completely different kind of organization when both implement strategies developed using a methodology like Lean.

Revved-up, enthusiastic, and full of new and stimulating ideas, at the end of the day the obligatory question was: and now what do we do?

The workgroup can take many different paths. The choices range from simple meetings focused on training to the literal exchange of human resources for brief periods of time. Between these two poles are myriad possibilities, from in-depth discussions about the workgroups underway at the participating companies to making the most of team members by using them as consultants in the initiation of new workgroups …

Now it’s time to take off for the summer break, and starting in September we will all be ready for new, fantastic adventures under the auspices of Lean Office!


Lagostudio souvenir

Before we close for the summer holidays, it is necessary to admit that there is always much work to be done and that every so often something falls by the wayside. In the midst of it all, we found ourselves wondering how the final summer session of Lagostudio went. Ten people from Italy and other countries participated.

Thank goodness Emiliano thought to tell us a little about it. Thank you Emiliano, we owe you a spritz! ; )
To find out more, read his blog post at Design Digitale!