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Stores that think glocal

The recent soccer world championships prematurely left us Italians without a flag to wave.

Moving beyond our individual disappointment, it was interesting to see that each of us turned our soccer sympathies to one or another of the teams still in play, until we were all divided between the Dutch camp and the Spanish camp. It’s worth asking what the values were that drew us to one team instead of the other and if these values, even outside the world of soccer, are therefore the real new “geographies” that need to be taken into account.

Does it still make sense to think in terms of user pools based on geopolitical boundaries, often designed with a pencil and a ruler by post-war bureaucrats? Or, rather, in the age of global real-time information and low-cost mobility, is it outdated to think of the Alps or the Mediterranean as boundaries?

To regain ground in a world of unstable equilibriums and mutable identities, a store must know how to renew itself, to expand its horizons to the global client (or better, glocal), to play with him, to understand his tastes and globalized dreams. It could be a dinner at the store, a workshop for university students, a photography exhibition or the presentation of a trip that seeks to engender a sustainable impulse in the world of tomorrow.

Well wishes to the world’s new Lago flag bearers.

Isabelle at ID DECO in Toulouse (France)

And Kees of STUPENDO in Amsterdam and Leiderdorp (Netherlands).

LAGO at your place

How many times have you asked yourself, “But how would LAGO look at my place?” Often, it’s hard to get an idea of how 36e8 or 30mm would look on the walls of your home by just looking at images in the catalogs…even if you have a vivid imagination.
The first suggestion that comes to mind is to visit our Appartamenti. Brera and Venice are already open and you can see there what LAGO design looks like in a real home!

For those of you who don’t live near one of those cities…well…we have invented something else! We knocked on the doors of some of our clients and had a couple of informal chats. They told us why they chose LAGO and revealed their personal stories. Every house is a truly fascinating microcosm reflecting the personality of the people who live there.
We published the first installment of “At home with…” last week in our community‘s magazine. We visited the house of Anna, controller of a pharmaceutical company with a passion for dance. She has a passionate and sparkling personality, as the colors of her home testify: red, black and white.

But I don’t want to ruin the surprise…you can see Anna and her home here!
Tomorrow we are ringing the bell at Maria Grazia’s place. Are you coming with us?

We put down roots in country

A few weeks after the opening of the lagostore in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with our long-time friend Eugenio, and at the end of the first year of collaboration with our rather promising sales agents Vincent, Steffan, Cindy and Johan, we deem it appropriate to involve you in our next adventure in Flanders. The 22nd edition of INTERIEUR, the design biennial organised by the non-profit INTERIEUR FOUNDATION, will be held at Kortrijk (Courtrai for the Walloons) from the 15th to the 24th October.
The key to the success of this constantly growing event is the thorough selection of the attending companies and its reasonable and undistracting size, as well as its central geographic location easily reachable from Paris, Lille, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne… In short, there is nothing flamboyant about this exhibition that offers you an exhaustive overview, in a day, of the “well-established” and “emerging” design scene.
What will we “say” in Courtrai?

The forthcoming arrival of the AIR SOFAS collection allows us to finally express the whole concept of the “LAGO living”. We’re going to try and make an institutionally functional location like the fair a bit more homebred. We’re going to try to facilitate relationships and bridge the communication gap, we’ll cook, prepare coffee and, of course, we’ll work. A boost of daily routine in spite of the idea that design excellence should always be sleek and pompous. The objective is to create a network of enthusiasts who can fully appreciate this informal approach, and improve through compairison.
Give us your input!
INTERIEUR Courtrai 15-24 October 2010 Hall 4 – Stand 438

Venice left us breathless

The Civil Protection had warned us… and Venice truly welcomed us with overwhelming temperatures, to say the least, and took our breath away! Our tenants were really heroic. We met them a while ago but, except for a few pictures of the last minute, no one ever saw their project.
The Appartamento over the Muro is really astonishing: at the top of a steep straircase we are greeted with the spectacular view of a typical venetian house completely LAGO furnished.

Dinner menu? Obviously fresh water, cold pasta and the ubiquitous prosecco that, given the unmerciful heat, immediately focuses the guests’ attention on the island unit in the kitchen.

Well fed and equipped with an improvised fan, we continue the house tour and curiously look around and “discover” the other rooms. It all revolves around shades of white, grey and deep purple, like the amazing sofa stretching out along the perimeter of the living-room!!! It’s surprising that the modularity manages to transform even small rooms like the loft in very special places.

The day comes to an end while the chef cooks some spaghetti; the nightowls round off the evening by having one for the road along the banks of the Grand Canal, not far from the Appartamento… the heat has gone, but our breath is still short while we admire the city.

Have a look to photos!

And now…Belgium!

Patrick and Lilianne Vink first came to pay us a visit in January. And from the very start it was clear that we would be working together. The head of Vivre Contemporain and his wife have been, from the moment they entered Lago, an integral part of our world. Patrick put himself to the test with grand success in an epic ping-pong match that ended with he who won.

From this informal encounter, as is so often the case, was born the first Lagopoint in Belgium. Vivre Contemporain is a large shop located on the periphery of Liegi, without a doubt among the most important of Vallonia (a francophone region).

And now… please enjoy some of images and most of all, if you pass by Nandrin…