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Opening new Lago Point in Novara


The opening of a new Lago Point is waiting for us On October 26 at Castelletto Ticino (NO). A Lago Point is an area inside a Shop entirely devoted to the best Lago products.
Welcome to Barbara who bustled organizing the evening and to all the staff of Sala Arreda.
We wait for some photos and a detailed post about the event!

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I Saloni WorldWide Moscow

On October 10-13 the Moscow Crocus Expo hosted “I Saloni Worldwide” 2007. Our correspondent, Elisa Velluto, writes her report:

To begin with, Italian Companies, alone, are considerably growing their presence: More or less 400 hundred plus exhibitors since the first Expo 3 years ago. More important, only contemporary furniture was exposed at that time, while today there is also period furniture.  Italian period furniture is a 20-year-old great business in Russia, and putting together contemporary and period business at the Crocus it’s optimal because it leads Russians, interested in Italian furnishings, to approach contemporary pieces and sharpen their taste. Within a few years they could appreciate modern style, and those companies already exposing and defending their market while we wait for good taste-expansion, are certainly going to win.

Today, rich and super-rich Russians (then there are the poor because the middle class doesn’t exist) do not know sobriety and lightness in their homes. They love rooms filled with decorations. Luxury means opulence, splendor and wealth. If companies today really aim to capture this prosperous market, they must conform in products and coverings. All they have to do is keeping standard products and get them “dressed” with rich and important finishes. Wardrobes in “gold leaf” or couches with damasked, gothic colored textures (violet, black, Bordeaux etc.) are very much desired. Russian people are not scared by expensive things which instead are considered status and exclusive brands indicators. I’ve seen chilly settings in the contemporary. Businesses must learn to adjust without feeling denaturalized otherwise they can forget to sell their things here. Warmth also is needed. An example: I found it hard to distinguish Driade Stand so fitted it was to Russian taste.

Apart from that, Moscow is an infernal megalopolis with poor gray suburbs, huge buildings next to shopping malls, and six-lane highways. Arriving from the center, the only beautiful part of the city, to the Crocus, was a transhumance: at least 1 hour but I‘ve heard of someone who took 3 because of some accident. In brief, Russian market is to be protected even though we can’t be sure they’re going to love Alvar Aalto works soon, maybe next generation…
For now, they only have a lot of money and little good taste, but there’s a starving for brands which Italy almost reserves to Japanese tourists and (alas) to the so many rich “madams” of the hinterland. In Milan, we shop at Zara and H&M.


It’s time for us to host an event by Creative R’evolution 2. For those who happen to be hereabouts this could be the chance to visit our LagoFactory.

The City 24 hours a day: lightings as far as the eye can see, stealthy mobility, special features, temporary things. Night has become a fifth urban season. Inedited, extraordinary point of view about life, public free area par excellence… Which are the shapes, spaces, interpretations and laws of this new landscape? How can new professionals and creative meet these sceneries? Is anything changed in the last thirty years? Is everything the same but simply more exhibited and uninhibited, and pushed by marketing reasons? To answer these questions Gianmaria Sforza, designer, Massimiliano Scuderi, architect and exhibition organizer,Giuliana Salamaso, Claudio Silvestrin Giuliana Salamaso architects, Raffaella Pirini, B-lights architect, Fausta Bressani, Regione del Veneto. Introducing this evening Cristiano Seganfreddo, Fuoribiennale director.
Within the third meeting of Creative R’evolution2 there will be a special event, the Art waiting room opening, a project by Lago SpA and fondazione march: A waiting room where art becomes content for the wait and a reason to generate new spurs. By turns, Art waiting room will host works by the visual artists from fondazione march. The first one is Diego Zuelli edited by Marinella Paderni.
After the first successful Creative R’evolution event, winner of the first Premio Longhi innovation prize, these meetings which put together business, culture, and environment come back to Veneto all based on the genius loci theme and divided into three different sections: landscape and the City, society and production, art and progress.
This project is promoted and organized by Fuoribiennale (production of the contemporary reality), and by Regione Veneto.
Press release and the entire event catalogue can be downloaded on their website:
For reservations and any other information please contact
Fuoribiennale_Agenzia del contemporaneo at this email address or by these numbers 0444.526020/0444.327166/ 3485236069

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The new Art Waiting Room en plein air

“…poi lungo il sentiero incontro un pittore, con il suo cavalletto, i colori ed il profumo dell’olio di lino, rivolto verso la collina. Mi accordo che il mio primo sguardo, forse un’occhiata, non è per la tela ma per la collina là dove guarda il pittore cerco di capire cosa lui vede di bello, e di degno che valga la penna di essere tradotto sulla tela…” (Bruno Lorini)

Lago  art waiting room

The Art Waiting Room is under renewal! No more “Buongiorno” magazine theme for visitors in July, but a real atelier! A typical “en plein air” atmosphere will be the new Lago welcome: green grass, easals and lots of colourful palettes! Bruno Lorini put together a cool group of artists who will catch Lago life…mmh! It’s like being in Place du Tertre near Monmartre.

Lago  art waiting room

Visitors can have an insight on LAGO through the eyes of the artists, discovering new nuances and perspectives.

All the works will be shown during the opening of the new Art Waiting Room in September. We’ll wait for you! Dress code: obviously…a beret! What else?