Once more the Good Design Award, this time for the Divani AIR

After the Good Design Award for the 36e8 Kitchen and the Huggy in 2009 and then for the LagoLinea in 2010, now it’s Divani AIR’s turn to receive the coveted prize! This can be no less than an absolute pleasure for us…it is a prestigious acknowledgment and it arrives from afar.

The Good Design Award is in fact an annual prize awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum – Museum of Architecture in recognition of design excellence.
Since 1950 the institute has awarded this prize to the most innovative and best designed products, those which stand out for their “good design”.

What to say? We are truly thrilled to have received this honor for the third time! In June 2011, the winning products, including the Divani LAGO, will be brought together at the annual exhibition, the “Good Design Show” of Chicago.

Why were the Divani LAGO awarded this prize? Take a look below!

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