The Lago cyclone re-writes the rules of furniture

On Sunday, 9 January, this potent article was published in the Corriere del Veneto. The journalist, Macri Puricelli, looked to origins, ideas and philosophy for his construction of the Lago profile.

The origins date back to the 1950s, when the grandfather ran an artisan workshop that produced furnishings for Venetian churches. In the following years, the business was run by Daniele’s father and older brother, Franco. The company acquired the status of an srl and counted eighteen employees. Our designer stepped into the business when he was eighteen years old…and so the whirlwind began. Today in fact that artisan workshop is a corporation that counts 170 employees (the average age is 34), a distribution network of 350 stores that carry the brand, 27 Lago shops throughout the world and annual sales that have climbed from 5 million to 30 million in six years.

From the very first lines of the article it is clear how quickly things move here…above all, the ideas. Daniele’s words flow and the journalist accurately conveys the key concepts that constitute the hub around which Lago revolves. Openness, humanity and culture are the values that describe a reality in which in addition to the product there is also an approach that solidifies the concept of participation and sharing in everything that one thinks and does. Macri highlights the fact that even the company dining hall is a place where one practices the values of “conviviality” and exchange. The most recent addition, the Appartamento project, also reflects the will and the goal to contaminate and be contaminated.

This is above all an article in which the journalist not only describes but also transmits the idea of a company reality that, wanting to always remain open to the outside and using art and culture are catalysts, is and will always be in continuous movement.

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