Lago in London!

Here we are! Even LAGO will have his place of honour near the Big Ben.

The LAGO Team is working hard to the new London Store…we will open on the second half of February. 27th Februry precisely!
Where? Guess it!

1) The first LAGO Store in London will be close to a park…think about John Nash…No, not that John Nash, not the mathematician, who Russel Crowe played in “A beautiful mind”. I’m speaking about that other John Nash: the architect. Folks, we’re an interior design company!

No ideas? Mmmh…let’s try something else…

2) We’ll have a famous neighbour. A detective lives at 221b of the same street…He’s a quite genial character, sprung out by the pen of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…there’s also a recent movie on him…

Regent’s Park and Sherlock Holmes. Did you guess? Elementary, my dear Watson!
Yes, we’ll be there: BAKER STREET, 55 Baker Street.
We’ll wait for you!!

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