LAGO goes to Greece


The photo above has been taken in Athens, 1st June, during the opening of the first LAGO shop realized in partnership with the brand Neokatoikein in the exclusive Kolonaki district.

Neokatoikein is a brand created by a team of young designers in 1978. In 1997 it has been bought by NEOSET, the biggest Greek industrial group in design home-furnishing. NEOSET can count with 120 shops in Greece, 15 of them are Neokatoikein.

Future projects will concern the implementation of the Shop in Shop LAGO concept in other 6 Neokatoikein locations in 2009:

Alimos, Athens

Notos, Athens


Heraclion, Crete


The partnership between Lago and the Greek group will evolve through a franchising project with the aim of opening new mono-brand Lago stores.

In the photo: Daniele Lago with our Neokatoikein friends.

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